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Why 2016 Is the Year to Go Paperless

March 01, 2017

Why 2016 Is the Year to Go Paperless

Yes, more than ever, 2016 is the time for organizations to go paperless with the help of document imaging technology. Here are five reasons why:

Improved workflows

Going paperless has many advantages, but the primary one may be increasing the efficiency of business processes through electronic workflows. In other words, it helps businesses get things done faster and with less manual labor. For example, according to the research firm Paystream Advisors, “the average cost of manually processing an invoice can be as high as $20, vs. $4 for automated invoice processing.” Automated invoice processing basically involves converting paper invoices into electronic ones, via a combination of technologies, including document imaging and e-forms. Processes in areas like employee and customer onboarding, applications for services, and insurance claims processing show similar returns. A strong workflow that can efficiently and dynamically automate processes is key to success, and technology on that front continues to improve and become more accessible. E-forms technology also continues to progress and can now typically be accessed through mobile devices like phones and tablets.

Improved document capture

If e-forms cannot be utilized, due to reasons like inertia associated with paper processes, then it’s worth noting that document capture software continues to improve. This includes everything from image processing creating higher-quality files to more intelligence being utilized to automatically classify documents and extract the desired data from them. Like with most technology products, the prices of document capture continue to fall while the functionality improves. There are even cloud options starting to become available. Fujitsu is a great example of one manufacturer that has is an early adopter into the integration with cloud services.

More economical scanning options

It’s no secret that the bang for your buck in document scanning continues to increase. Ten years ago, the speeds and features you paid $6,000 for in a new scanner are now available for less than a third of that. In addition, the scanning capabilities on MFPs continues to improve, not to mention mobile document capture options.

Mobile access

Speaking of mobile, people continue to leverage their mobile devices more often for business applications. And with the emergence of phablets (increasing screen sizes on phones), this trend will only accelerate when it comes to document viewing and mark-up. Making your documents digitally available on a secure server is a great way to promote mobile collaboration and increase efficiencies in processes that involve steps like document approvals and reviews.

Cloud options 

In today’s market, you can’t discuss mobile without also discussing the cloud. To date, the majority of document management applications have been installed on premises, but the pendulum is starting to swing. As cloud applications continue to mature, Internet bandwidth increases, and the desire to access documents remotely also increases, document imaging in the cloud is increasingly becoming a viable option— especially for small to medium-sized businesses where the lower infrastructure costs and maintenance requirements can be very attractive, along with the lower up-front investment compared to an on-premises installation.

In summary, after years of being considered a fringe technology confined to a small number of back-office applications, document imaging has finally broken out into the mainstream. While the entirely paperless office may remain a myth, technologies like document scanning and automated capture can help convert paper to an electronic format and enable a user to reap the benefits that paperless processes increasingly offer. Yes, 2016 is a great year to start leveraging document imaging and workflow and go (as) paperless (as possible)!  

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