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Which Verticals Should Use Secure Print Solutions?

October 25, 2017

Which Verticals Should Use Secure Print Solutions?


You’ve all heard of WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks exists because of unauthorized distribution of typically government documents. Granted, a lot of the WikiLeaks content has come from electronic documents, but that doesn’t mean that paper documents scanned with an MFP aren’t susceptible to unauthorized distribution. Many federal government agencies require users to log into their MFPs with CACs (common access cards) to ensure security. By its nature, any government organization deals with a lot of sensitive documents and should be a natural target for secure print solutions.


Ever since HIPAA (the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act) was passed by the U.S. Government in 1996, there has been a lot of focus on maintaining the security of healthcare information. This includes printed patient records. HIPAA fines have reached several million dollars, so it behooves healthcare organizations to protect their records. Secure print solutions can ensure that unauthorized personnel do not gain access, either accidently or on purpose, to printed copies of personal healthcare records.

Financial Services:

This is another industry that deals with sensitive data. Not only do people like to keep their financial information private, but information on documents detailing financial transactions can be used to commit fraud, identity theft, and other types of crimes. Banks, investment firms, insurance companies, and really any organization dealing with documents containing sensitive personal and corporate financial information should utilize secure printing.


Utility companies in regulated industries like telco and energy deal with documents containing not only sensitive personal information but also sensitive information from a safety standpoint. If documents related to the structure of a power plant, for example, fall into the wrong hands, they could jeopardize lives.

Shipping and logistics:

There is a lot of paperwork related to moving stuff effectively from one place to another. This includes waybills, receiving documents, and receipts. A secure print solution helps a shipper keep track of all these documents and can ensure they don’t fall into the wrong hands—which could enable theft, fraud, hijacking, and other types of criminal activities. As these documents are also the key to being paid correctly for companies in this industry, they need to be managed carefully.


Primary and higher education both deal with a lot of paperwork containing sensitive information like grades, attendance records, and disciplinary information. If accessed by the wrong people, careers could be jeopardized and the educational body held responsible.

Secure print solutions are a relatively small investment on top of a managed print services contract or bundled with printing hardware. For this investment, a user receives better control over their documents, protection against theft of content, and protection against malicious code attacks. This can help reduce the potential for fines, lawsuits, bad publicity, and outright theft. Which vertical should use secure print solutions? All that are concerned with protecting against that litany of maladies.