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The case for printer security software

July 20, 2017

The case for printer security software

But many companies often fail to look at their printing and document imaging resources as security risks when, in fact, the security exposure is quite high. It’s important to remind your customers that everything that has a port is at risk today, and they need to invest in a solution that safeguards all their document imaging resources. 

Leading printer vendors now offer software solutions to protect data, enhance privacy and help companies meet compliance requirements. Two of the most comprehensive are HP Jet Advantage Security Manager and Xerox Secure Print Suite, which help companies secure their printer fleet, protect document imaging workflow and safeguard the information that goes in and out of their printing devices.

Creating a single policy to streamline security

The HP Security Manager interface allows IT managers to create a single security policy and apply it across the entire printing and imaging fleet. The HP Instant-on Security feature automatically adds devices when they join the network and immediately configures them to be compliant with the established security policy. And as their business operations change and evolve, companies can easily amend the security policy and revise protocols accordingly.

Another key advantage of HP Security Manager is that it provides ongoing and proactive assessments and automated remediation to ensure printing devices are complying with security policies. IT managers can determine how often they want to schedule the assessments: on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. During the actual assessment, the security management software verifies the fleet’s security settings against the established policy and reports any noncompliant features. It then automatically applies the correct policy settings to remediate the problem.

More than security, significant savings

Solutions like Xerox Secure Print Suite not only help safeguard companies’ data and printing resources, they also provide better control over printing costs and sustainability initiatives. The Print Roaming module in the Xerox suite holds documents in a queue across multiple printers or MFPs and releases a job only to an authorized user at any convenient, available system—even one in another location. This reduces the number of abandoned print jobs and the amount of wasted paper and printer ink. Another feature, the Credit and Billing module, provides detailed visibility for tracking and chargeback on print costs by user, client code or project name.

An investment worth making

At a time when cybersecurity threats keep growing in frequency and sophistication—and companies are processing more data than ever before—you owe it to your customers to recommend print security software. Enterprise and SMB customers alike will benefit from the added protection, not to mention the cost controls.