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Reduce Printing Costs with Managed Print Services

July 25, 2017

Reduce Printing Costs with Managed Print Services

Consider how much space and staff time is taken up by office paperwork. Paper files are printed and then stored in file cabinets for reference later, all of which takes up precious staff time and office space. Over time, those files age and they are probably moved from active files, to inactive files, and ultimately to storage boxes that are stored in a back room somewhere, just in case those files are needed in the future. Each step of this paper shuffling requires personnel to manually sort through the files, organize them, and then reorganize them.

So how specifically are you going to show your customers how to realize savings from managed print services? There are a number of arguments for MPS savings:

Savings in Materials

The most obvious savings come from printing materials, such as paper and toner. A good managed print services company will do an audit of your print usage and give you a complete cost analysis, showing where a company can save on paper and printing material. The MPS provider also will set up automatic shipping of toner and materials so companies don’t have to waste money and space stocking print supplies.

Different MPS providers offer different service models. Some companies monitor printing devices and make sure get all the supplies are delivered before they are needed, charging for materials as they are delivered. Other service providers have adopted a cost-per-page model, with automatic toner fulfillment and device monitoring included as part of the service.

Whatever billing model the managed service provider uses, the customer is certain save money on printing support materials.

Savings in Equipment

Managed print services allow companies to realize savings in printing and scanning hardware as well. The equipment is included with the service, as well as maintenance and service. It’s like leasing a car, with all the scheduled maintenance covered so there is never have to worry about a breakdown. And if there is a device failure, the MPS provide is at the ready to service the machine quickly and efficiently.

And customers never have to worry about using outmoded equipment or having to budget to replace aging printers. The MPS provider makes sure they have the latest hardware and get maximum performance as part of their contract.

Savings in Printer Administration

One of the biggest savings is in printer management. How much time does the average IT manager have to spend dealing with routine printings issues? Such administrative overhead is eliminated with a managed print service. The MPS provider monitors the company printers and handles routine service problems – all they have to do is add the paper.

Most MPS providers also offer service level agreements (SLAs) guaranteeing a specific level of performance. With an SLA in place the customer’s IT team can be assured they are spending their time doing more important work than troubleshooting office printers and scanners.

Environmentally Friendly

And MPS offers a greener printing solution, which is a factor that is becoming more important to environmentally conscious organizations:

  • The average office worker wastes about 10 percent of printed paper. MPS reduces paper consumption with more efficient use of printers.
  • There is less waste in consumables like toner.
  • More efficient (i.e. newer) equipment means less waste and more efficient use of power, which lowers the carbon footprint.

Better for Your Budget

One of the most attractive aspects of MPS for many companies is predictable costs.

By adopting a monthly service contract there are no surprises. Customers don’t have to worry about unexpected service fees or having to replace outmoded equipment. The cost of printing remains stable and easier to budget.

With a pay-as-you-print MPS provider the customer not only gets more efficient use of print services, but more importantly, they can identify areas of waste. If there are spikes in paper usage, or departments that seem to be generating more paper than others it becomes easy to identify where there is a problem and where to reduce waste. And a per-page breakdown makes billing back services to individual departments much easier.

No matter how you look at it, if you have customers who are generating a lot of paperwork, managed print services will save them money and provide new opportunities for reseller profits at the same time. To determine if a company is the right candidate for managed print service, provide an audit of paper consumption and printer usage. You’d be surprised how much a company can save once you add it all up.

Where do you see the biggest MPS growth opportunity for your customers? Is there a specific kind of customer that you can identify as ripe for MPS?