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Printing in the healthcare industry: how to reduce red ink

October 30, 2017

Printing in the healthcare industry: how to reduce red ink

The good news is that implementation of a holistic print strategy and print management software can cut printing costs by 40% or more, including a reduction in:

  • Total print volume
  • Toner and ink costs
  • Use of external print resources
  • Color printing

The many advantages of print management software

Print management software provides a single point of control for enterprise-wide monitoring and maintenance of all print jobs and queues. It can also authenticate users, regulate print volumes, and monitor and manage all print devices throughout an organization.

Customizable print reporting provides detailed data about printing activity by user, patient code, printing device, time of day and other variables. IT managers can use this detailed information to help individual employees and departments improve their printing practices for greater efficiency and savings.

Better controls like these also reduce security risks. And given the fact that data breaches affecting HIPAA compliance can cost healthcare organizations over $1 million in penalties, safeguarding document imaging resources remains a top priority.

The case of secure pull printing

More and more healthcare organizations are adopting pull printing as standard operating procedure. Rather than sending documents to specific printers, employees send them to a network queue where the documents are encrypted and held. Then, when they’re ready, they simply walk to any networked printer, swipe or touch their ID badges to authenticate and release (or delete) their printed documents. Not only does this eliminate waste, it helps protect patient privacy—putting an end to the far too common occurrence of unclaimed documents hanging around a printer for anyone to pick up.

Lower printing costs for your customers, more efficient healthcare for everyone

If your healthcare customers haven’t yet implemented print management software and pull printing, you should definitely recommend they take these measures to save money and improve security. You’ll not only be doing them and yourself a favor, you’ll also be doing your part to reduce waste in overall healthcare spending in the country. A study conducted by the Harvard Review in 2015 found that about $1 trillion is being wasted due to clinical and administrative inefficiencies in the U.S. healthcare system. The more healthcare organizations and agencies are able to control costs, the healthier our system will be for everyone.