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Keeping document imaging in the black

May 26, 2017

Keeping document imaging in the black

Simple cost efficiency tips for your SMB customers

Just like with any other technology investment, your SMB customers should continually evaluate their document imaging devices to make sure they’re making the most efficient use of them. 

Although it can be easy for IT departments and business executives to forget about workhorse technology they’ve had in place for some time—devices like printers, MPFs and document management systems—that’s not smart. Especially since research by InfoTrends suggests that many SMBs today are underutilizing their document imaging devices.

Less printing, more waste

Several factors are contributing to the decline in printing volume. More employees are using electronic documents—and thanks to mobile technology and the cloud, they have more ways to access and share them. Companies have also adopted more automated business processes that eliminate the need to print as often. And many SMBs now rely on low-cost print service providers—especially for high-volume print jobs.

Given these trends, it’s not surprising that costly multi-feature printing equipment is underused, while still taking up valuable office space, consuming energy and requiring ongoing maintenance.

How to reduce costs and improve productivity

To minimize waste and inefficiencies, here are some tips to recommend to your SMB customers:

  • Have them take a good hard look at who’s printing what, where and how often. A cost analysis may prove very revealing—especially in light of the costs of the technology, not to mention supplies and maintenance.
  • Advise them to place lower-cost printing devices in key high-traffic locations around the office—ideally 15 to 20 feet away from every desk. This is preferable to having a few high-end MFP devices, with lots of bells and whistles, spread across an organization. It saves employees from having to walk longer distances to print, which is a drain on productivity—and keeps businesses from paying for complex document imaging devices their employees aren’t using that often anyway.
  • Recommend that they adopt print management/cost management solutions whenever possible to automate various print, copy and scanning tasks—and streamline everything from activity tracking to cost allocation and reporting.

Adopting a more manageable and sensible approach

Ingram Micro has a Managed Print Complete (MPC) program that offers companies a bundled solution to help achieve a more efficient approach to document imaging. For a fixed price within a set timeframe, businesses get a complete bundled solution, including equipment, supplies and data collection. With MPC, print usage monitoring, supply replenishment and other printing functions are automated, and companies can save money. It could provide your SMB customers with a smart alternative to how they’re handling document imaging right now.

Your SMB customers will be surprised at what they can save by taking a good hard look at their document imaging resources and following your recommendations. (And they’ll appreciate the advice.)