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How municipal governments streamline document management

September 29, 2017

How municipal governments streamline document management

New processes for a 75-year-old housing authority

The King County Housing Authority in King County, Wash., provides assistance to more than 18,000 households in the Seattle area. The agency’s 19 management offices were drowning in a backlog of documents. Paper was stacked up everywhere—on desks, filing cabinets and even on the floor. The sharing of information between departments was too slow, relying primarily on fax duplication. This also raised security concerns since many of the forms contained residents’ social security numbers and other confidential information.

To address the huge backlog, the agency implemented Fujitsu document scanners and ECM and workflow software, creating a new process for capturing and digitizing daily paperwork. More than 2.5 million documents have been scanned and secured—and the housing authority has caught up on years of paperwork in just 24 months.

...and for one Florida's oldest cities

Dunedin, a city of approximately 36,000 located in Pinellas County, Fla., faced a similar challenge. The city needed to implement an efficient process for storing, filing and retrieving reams of public records—everything from birth certificates to building permits. Dunedin’s administrative offices were inundated with paperwork, creating potential fire hazards and hampering the day-to-day operations of the city’s 300+ employees. The city was also spending additional funds to rent out extra storage space to accommodate the ever-increasing number of documents.

Since implementing a comprehensive document imaging solution, including advanced scanning technology and advanced processing and imaging (API) software, Dunedin has managed to centralize the content traveling in and out of its various administrative offices and to digitize every public document quickly and accurately. The API software now automates document indexing and efficiency is way up.

How about your municipal customers?

If you work with a state and local government agency that’s drowning in a sea of document imaging inefficiencies, encourage them to reinvent how they approach paperwork. Advanced scanning technology and document management software can go a long way toward improving productivity, saving space and improving security of citizens’ personal data.