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Five Scenarios Where Your Customers Will Benefit from Secure Print Solutions

October 11, 2017

Five Scenarios Where Your Customers Will Benefit from Secure Print Solutions

So, chances are, if you are selling document management solutions that include MFPs (multi-function peripherals) and/or MPSs (managed print solutions), then there is going to be an opportunity to sell secure print solutions. You just need to find the right applications. Following are five typical scenarios where your customers could benefit from secure print solutions:

  1. Compliance with regulations

Do you have customers in healthcare that have to comply with HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Privacy Act) or in financial services that have to comply with FINRA (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) or any number of other industries where sensitive documents have to be protected from unauthorized access? Without a secure print solution, do your customers really know what is happening to documents being printed from their network?

  1. Increasing use of mobile technology

In addition to worrying about securing documents printed through their networks, many organizations are struggling with how to secure documents accessed through mobile devices. IDC sees an opportunity to make a connection here. From its aforementioned report: “IDC research shows that meeting these [security] requirements and giving mobile devices access to printers/MFPs are major concerns for end users. There is an opportunity for technology suppliers to provide organizations with solutions that incorporate mobile security and support the regulatory requirements needed for outputted content.”

  1. Protection against malware

Like PCs or any peripherals, MFPs and printers represent potential on-ramps for viruses, malware, or hackers to enter a network. Secure print software can be used to monitor the software and firmware utilized by network printers to make sure it doesn’t change the network or introduce any anomalies into it.

  1. Moving from personal to network printers

One way to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive documents is the utilization of personal printers. But as organizations seek to reduce their costs and streamline printing systems, personal printers are an easy target. Secure print software offers a way to implement the security benefits of personal printers while also gaining the benefits of network printing.

  1. Preventing data leakage

Even if your customers aren’t in regulated industries, there are certain sensitive documents like contracts, product and marketing information, and confidential HR documents that they don’t want getting out. Secure print software enables users to track who is printing what and when and also alerts users to any anomalies like an unusually high number of documents being printed in a particular department.

These are just a few scenarios you can look for where your customers will benefit from secure printing, but in addition to these, there are probably hundreds more. Secure print solutions are a natural complement to the trend toward managed print services (MPS) because, like MPS, they provide users with more control. And more control in a cost center line printing typically leads to cost savings.