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3 Ways to Make Document Imaging More Profitable

August 18, 2017

3 Ways to Make Document Imaging More Profitable

Businesses still print important documents and file them away for future reference. These documents contain information on clients, personnel, sales transactions and business strategies. But storing and managing these documents in an organized fashion lends itself to the benefits of Document imaging. Once a document is printed, in imaging there is a three-part process: Scan, index and store. Depending on the business model, revenue may be paid on the number of scans processed and the labor hours to transform paper to PC. For VARs in this space, whether they are service providers or capture hardware or software vendors, consider the following additional revenue ideas to make document imaging more profitable:

Become a Business Process Improver

Because we are not a paperless society, scanning documents is a necessity, especially in certain regulatory industries. Consulting services on how documents are created could provide an opportunity to transfer scanning revenue into even more profitable services. For instance, what sort of answers would you get to these questions:

  • What is the process that occurs before the documents become a piece of paper?
  • Is the document created automatically via an electronic form?
  • Does the data come from different sources?
  • Are these sources electronic- or paper-based?
  • For paper-based documents, where does the document slow down as it moves to its next step?

Helping a customer review its workflow contains opportunities for process improvements, documentation services, and outsourced project labor from the new processes that improve productivity in sales or product development systems.

A great deal of work goes into a finished product or service, and with the right tools, VARs can help capture more of a customer’s information-gathering steps and add a new item for your sales representatives to present to clients and increase sales for your firm.

Help Decipher Big Data

Big data is a blessing and a curse. Enormous volumes of data are being collected daily inside and outside the organization. Analyzing the quantities and types of various indices on electronic files or paper documents hold a key to what is known and unknown about a transaction or customer. What does the collection of data on documents or electronic files mean to a business’s profitability, supply chain, customer service, or sales?

Fill in the missing pieces of the big data puzzle with the facts that come in other sources such as ERP systems, CRM, email, business text messaging applications such as Microsoft Lync, and other back-office systems. Capturing the information contained on the documents or the associated electronic business transaction and the insights gained from it transforms the process into a competitive advantage that clients desire. Expanding your document imaging services to include electronic data capture is a complementary service and a revenue booster.

Mobility Capture

Gartner research has been tracking the growing number of smartphones in the marketplace. Billions of workers are using their mobile devices to communicate with the corporate network, manage their emails, update their sales activities, and collaborate with teammates. Enabling the mobile workforce with devices and services to capture images, conversations, and records increases overall productivity and offers accurate information to mobile workers and the teams that support them.

The work of document imaging is just a starting point to increase service profits. Workflow consulting services, data analysis, and mobile capture enablement are just three ways to increase profits. As companies grow, create new products and services, or enter new markets, they’ll want to know every aspect of what’s working and what’s not.

Auxiliary services to document imaging can offer high ROI and customers that look to you to help them not just with scanning documents, but also to make sense between the data on documents and line-of-business applications.