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See how technology and security evolved in a work-from-anywhere world

August 12, 2021

See how technology and security evolved in a work-from-anywhere world
Over the past year, government leaders found they could operate virtually. With the technology in place to support remote work, employees are enjoying greater flexibility and leaders have recognized an opportunity to attract and retain more geographically dispersed, diverse talent. To operate efficiently in a work-from-anywhere world, agencies need to modernize their tools, update policies and embrace new ways of working.

Watch as Manny Yusuf, chief cloud architect at Dell Technologies, Federal, and Alexander Romero, technology strategist at VMware, discuss:

  • How agencies have successfully transitioned to remote work during the pandemic and how this will evolve in a hybrid-work world
  • The role of VDI in data-intensive environments and how it can enable greater collaboration
  • Essential security considerations to enable work from anywhere, including approaches like zero trust and solutions like SASE
  • Challenges and concerns of hybrid work environments, like security and user experience, and ways these can be overcome even for classified workers


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