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Why You Need an IoT-Ready Data Center Partner

June 09, 2017

Why You Need an IoT-Ready Data Center Partner

One of the biggest challenges IT solution providers will need to address for their customers is the exponential increase in data traffic density that IoT will create. Without sufficient bandwidth and a highly responsive network, an IoT deployment could quickly crawl to a halt.

“In the past, the best practice was to build a great network and then never touch it for five to seven years when it was time for a technology refresh,” says Dave West, CTO, APJ Enterprise Networking, Cisco. “Today, the network has to be more responsive and do things it never had to do before. Cisco DNA [Data Network Architecture] accomplishes this through an open, extensible and software-driven network.”

The DNA’s services-centric network architecture allows channel partners to innovate faster, reduce costs and complexity, lower risk and meet compliance requirements. A key component in these outcomes is intelligence, including the ability to identify an asset’s location, interpret data and withdraw useful, impactful analytics. Cisco DNA’s intelligence also provides an understanding of how things are behaving, which enables the right information to be relayed to the user, all the while entirely connected to the cloud.

 Some of Cisco DNA’s key business benefits are:

  • 85% faster network services provisioning
  • 79% reduction in network installation costs
  • 2x more software value than individual components with license portability
  • 100x faster threat detection
  • 80% more energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.


Cisco Digital Ready Network (DRN) is a sales campaign that builds on Cisco DNA and accelerates the customer journey to digitization and IoT. Through the DRN campaign, channel partners can accelerate their customers’ digital business transformation to lower costs, reduce risk and drive faster innovation. DRN opens up new opportunities for partners to accelerate install-base refreshes and future-proof their customers’ network infrastructures. It also provides opportunity to establish recurring revenue streams through software license renewals.

Have you established an IoT practice with Cisco? The Cisco Internet of Things platform is inspiring a new breed of intelligent applications. Without starting all over again, businesses can integrate disparate machines, devices and networks more securely and confidently. Tap into this burgeoning market and create new opportunities to grow and build your business.

Ingram Micro’s Cisco business unit is dedicated to making it easier and more profitable for you to integrate Cisco IoT hardware and services into your customers’ businesses. We can help you reduce downtime, increase your return on investments and expand your IoT market opportunity.

Join us on June 14 for an informative one-hour webinar, titled: “Cisco Digital Ready Network".” Participants will learn about the Cisco Digital Ready Network program and how Ingram Micro and Cisco can help them get on board with new incentives and sales tools to transform their customers’ networks for digitization.