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Why hybrid cloud is perfect for hospitality

February 08, 2017

Why hybrid cloud is perfect for hospitality

When most people think about hotels, their first thoughts are usually not about cloud management platforms. But maybe they should be.

Because your hospitality customers are looking to reduce costs, automate application resource provisioning and unify their infrastructure management.

vRealize from VMWare addresses all of those needs—and a whole lot more.

Many hotels are quickly discovering the benefits of cloud-based infrastructure for their business, including one of the largest hotel companies in the world—InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)—which operates in over 100 countries around the globe. IHG recently moved to VMWare’s Unified Hybrid Cloud infrastructure to serve guests in more than 750,000 rooms.

Their reasons were simple, as their senior vice president of global technology infrastructure explained, “Technology is becoming a much more critical component of the hospitality industry and it hits you from multiple angles, everything from mobile applications to web applications.”

And they’re not alone. One of the world’s largest and most successful lodging companies, Choice Hotels International—currently franchising more than 6,300 hotels in more than 35 countries and territories, and representing more than 500,000 rooms—also recently migrated their corporate data center to VMWare software-defined data center architecture.

What’s more, they slashed their IT provisioning time and improved performance with VMWare’s vRealize Suite. “We had some challenges delivering infrastructure to our development teams,” says Choice Hotel’s senior virtualization engineer Ross Davis. “We have about 200 developers writing applications that are used by our customers, our employees and our franchisees. It was taking us between four and six weeks to stand up the infrastructure for a new application and release it to the development team. We needed to shrink that time to help the business get new applications to market more quickly.”

To address these challenges, Choice Hotels chose VMware vRealize Suite, which is a cloud management platform built for the hybrid cloud. Because it’s designed to quickly deliver and help manage infrastructure and applications while maintaining granular IT control, the solution allowed them to streamline their resource provisioning process. At the same time, the VMware vRealize operations technology provided a guided remediation process, which resulted in faster resolution of critical issues.

With results like these, it’s no wonder so many hospitality customers are adopting this technology. Customers in other vertical markets have already experienced the benefits of cloud-based infrastructure. Hospitality is now starting to take advantage of the opportunity too.

So, the next time you think about hotels, you just might find yourself thinking about how cloud-based management platforms like vRealize can unlock common barriers to productivity and increase flexibility, scalability and reduce operating expenses. If so, you really should call your Ingram Micro VMware team to learn more about how to design a solution that’s perfect for your hospitality customers.