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Why Distributors Have Big Data Consultants

April 27, 2017

Why Distributors Have Big Data Consultants

IT distributors appreciate the fact that big data project are complicated, expensive and disruptive. To deliver business value and to complete projects on time and on budget, distributors depend on their big data consulting services to help companies select the right technology, but that’s only part of the story.    

Large distributors and their consultants understand that big data projects start with an examination of a company’s data management systems. As companies begin their data evaluation, a number of questions need to be asked including: Have organizations integrated their data across departments? What systems are in place for data capture, validation and retention? And, does your company have clear goals and objectives for your big data project?  

These are some of the questions IT distributors can help companies answer. In fact, distributors and their big data consultants are uniquely positioned not only to offer advice on the best technology solutions available, but distributors can drive the big data conversation by providing consultants that offer expertise in a number of key areas. These include:

Selecting technology.  

IT distributors sell hardware and software and understand what technology solutions will offer the best results to address a company’s specific big data needs.  

Integration and implementation.

Part of any big data project requires that companies focus on how they’ll manage both structured and unstructured data. Consultants can help you preconfigure your servers, setup hardware and software, and assist with programming and integration resources that tailor these services to your needs. Distributors also offer cloud computing services to improve the efficiency, flexibility and scalability of your data management systems.    

Data integration and analytics.

Distributors can offer big data consulting services in the areas of data integration, including data normalization and validation, as well as data security. A big data project also requires data analytics and distributors have experience implementing software such as Hadoop, which can boost business intelligence and help you make better business decisions.     

Provide skilled expertise.

Distributors can provide qualified IT hardware and software engineers as well as skilled personnel in critical areas such as finance, sales and marketing. As your big data project grows, your company will need to focus on many segments of your business as you assess your project’s goals and objectives. Additionally, distributors have years of experience implementing IT projects. This helps distributors, and the consultants that work for them, appreciate all aspects of an enterprise wide big data project.

A recent Gartner survey that polled 302 business executives to gauge their organizations’ technology investment plans relating to big data, found that among organizations that haven’t started planning a big data project, their challenges are to identify the value of such a project, outline a strategy, secure financing and begin to focus on infrastructure issues. By contrast, companies that have invested in projects and have begun tackling the arduous task of managing data should start to address challenges associated with risk and governance, data integration and infrastructure issues.  

Distributors understand the issues and will work with you to establish clear goals and objectives, organize a strong project management team, and securing the right IT expertise and financing to carry the project to completion.

Companies should keep in mind that distributors are capable of providing end-to-end support throughout a project’s lifecycle. In fact, even after a project is complete, distributors can offer ongoing monitoring, technical maintenance and support of your big data systems.

As your company considers its options, you should remember that large IT distributors’ big data consulting services are experienced at analyzing data to improve a company’s ability to make better business decisions.

This, in turn, will help your company enrich and deepen its engagement with customers, enhance business processes, and in some cases the data can provide you with the rationale for developing new lines of business.

By teaming up with a distributor that has a big data consulting service you can overcome the challenges that a big data project presents and succeed in ways you never thought could be possible.