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What Windows Server 2019 has to offer data centers

July 22, 2019

What Windows Server 2019 has to offer data centers
Data center managers will find a lot to like in Windows Server 2019. It features new options for hyperconverged infrastructure and cluster management that fit well with what’s happening the data center environment right now. Here are some of the highlights:

New scalability
Cluster sets, an attractive feature, enables data centers to scale up to a much larger number of nodes—without the fragility of a single, giant cluster. They can still enjoy the same benefits they enjoy with a single smaller cluster, including live VM migration and a single storage namespace.
Larger data centers, particularly multitenant environments with multiple virtual networks, will appreciate the SDN encryption feature—being able to encrypt network segments to protect the network layer between servers without the need for special network hardware.
An easier path to seamless hybrid operations
Windows Admin Center offers an elegant, browser-based view of Windows Server workloads running on-premises and in Azure. Users can easily connect Windows Server deployments to Azure services and use native integrations services, such as Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery—without disrupting applications and infrastructure. Admin Center automatically configures the VPN and connects it to the Windows Server system. Managing hybrid environments has never been easier—data center administrators get a clear view of servers, clusters, hyperconverged infrastructure, WSSD partner solutions and Windows 10 PCs.
Windows Server 2019 also offers Storage Migration Service, which helps keep track of inventory during data migration as well as security settings and configurations from legacy systems to the Windows Server and/or Azure.

Another innovative new feature, System Insights, uses machine learning to analyze a user’s Windows systems to determine how it’s running and helps with system optimization.

New enhanced security features
Windows Server 2019 also features Defender Advanced Threat Detection, that warns when a hacker has broken into a server. Exploit Guard controls allow users to lock down devices against lateral movement, ransomware attacks and data exfiltration. And secure fabric virtualization protects VM workloads from unauthorized access.
Are your customers ready to upgrade?
With a wealth of new features like these, it’s not surprising that Microsoft’s latest server OS is getting rave reviews from IT managers—and definitely worth a closer look.
To learn more, contact our data center expert, Bernie Franczak.