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What every data center manager must consider

Daily data center challenges include improving your cloud security, app optimization and firewall network.

February 17, 2020

What every data center manager must consider
The life of a data center manager is not easy, to say the least. They have to keep operations running smoothly while also ensuring the security of every piece of data center hardware and software—to say nothing of the innovation and strategic planning required to secure a company’s future. With that in mind, here are a few of the top challenges facing every data center operating today.
Critical app complexity
Companies depend on data center applications daily to deliver their core services to customers. For larger companies, that can involve hundreds of critical applications that need to be maintained by a complex architecture of network hardware and software, as well as data center servers that live on-prem and in the cloud. Keeping critical apps afloat also requires maintenance, including rolling out software updates, upgrading data center hardware and software, and optimizations. And keep in mind that most new apps require at least five weeks to launch.
The price of safety
There are more cybersecurity threats than ever—and those threats are more expensive than ever. It was recently reported that the average cost of a data breach today is $5.9 million. Not to mention the fallout from the negative publicity that is sure to follow a high-profile breach. Many modern security strategies involve reducing multiple-point access by layering security controls, while also ensuring critical data and important hardware are compartmentalized and guarded by a firewall network. But regardless of the strategy employed, staying one step ahead of modern cyberthreats requires a lot of preparation, sophistication and perspiration.
Cloud risk
To reduce cost and still meet demand, some companies are turning to cloud security. Yet moving to the cloud is not without its own challenges. Ensuring visibility between cloud and on-premise servers, as well as determining which security controls would serve them best, are just a few of the concerns data center managers must grapple with if they choose to go the cloud route. Another danger is when their own personnel decide to migrate data or operations to third-party cloud providers without consulting anyone. These secret cloud operations pose a huge risk for any company. The only way to ensure this doesn’t happen is for data center managers to communicate constantly with the departments they serve and make sure their needs are being met.
These are just a few of the difficulties facing every data center manager today. If you have data center questions or want to know how you can help your customers better protect their data infrastructure, talk to Ingram Micro’s data center experts. Contact Samuel Alt at samuel.alt@ingrammicro.com or Nick Vermiglio at nick.vermiglio@ingrammicro.com