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What data center customers really want

September 08, 2020

What data center customers really want

As a reseller, your data center customers are the data center managers and managers of infrastructure who are entrusted with their companies‘ data and networks—among their most critical assets. Who are their customers? That would be anyone utilizing MSP solutions—or every employee at the companies they serve.

The data center industry is more dynamic and sophisticated than ever, and data center customers have a lot of demands to be met. The most successful MSPs are those who can meet those demands and communicate that to their prospective clients. With this in mind, let’s take a look at three things today’s data center customers are looking for:

#1 - Transition know-how
Many data center customers are in a transition phase. Some are moving legacy infrastructure to a colocation center, while others are transitioning from colocation to the cloud. This is often the largest challenge facing data center customers, because transitioning to a new data center strategy can be expensive, time consuming and exhausting. Data center managers who understand this are better suited to speak to customers’ needs and meet their expectations for timing, scope and (not least of all) cost. The ability to effectively guide clients through these transition phases is a key selling point for any data center services provider.

#2 - Data Center Infrastructure Management
During data center transitions, there can be mismatches between a customer’s needs and what they’re currently paying for. One way to minimize these situations is through Data Center Infrastructure Management software (DCIM). DCIM software allows data center managers to identify and manage physical data center assets as well as deploy new equipment and accurately plan and model future growth. DCIM tools can also help managers of infrastructure understand and align their work contracts with what the company needs both currently and in the future. 

#3 - Comprehensive solutions
The data center industry is evolving rapidly, which means customers may often require a variety of services as they transition from colocation to cloud or from in-house to colocation. Being able to offer essentially any and all data center services definitely gives providers an important differentiator. Yet it isn’t always realistic (especially for smaller providers) to be able to offer so many services, which is why strategic partnerships and mergers are on the rise within the industry. Customers are more likely to engage with a provider when they know their diverse and dynamic needs can be met by a single contract.

Remember, there’s a difference between what data center managers think their customers want, and what their actual needs might be. Remind your MSP clients to not always assume they know their customers’ pain points—instead, they should always take the time to find out. For more information on what today’s data center customers really want, contact the experts at Ingram Micro.