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Top five reasons SMBs are turning to Open Source

April 20, 2020

Top five reasons SMBs are turning to Open Source
More companies are turning to Open Source software than ever as a solution for important projects or to be the backbone of their infrastructure. But why are SMBs so attracted to open platforms? Let’s take a look at five reasons why SMBs are turning to Open Source.
1) Higher quality
The bigger the open source community, the more people there are continually improving, stabilizing and streamlining the source code. That means more updates and bug fixes and less hiccups and service outages, with less time and money spent on IT staff. What small business wouldn’t want that?
2) More value
A lot of small businesses are migrating away from commercial software and toward Open Source because of the value it offers. Think about it: Open Source is typically much cheaper than its commercial counterpart. The other part of this equation is the number of features Open Source offers compared to other solutions. With dedicated online communities working hard to refine and improve Open Source, the feature set continues to grow, offering SMBs more bang for their precious bucks.
3) Enhanced security
Is Open Source software really more secure than commercial software? In a word: yes, and there’s a reason for that. Every single piece of Open Source code is available for the community to view, so if there are security vulnerabilities, they’re much more likely to be found. This sort of transparency is something commercial software simply can’t match at this point. If an SMB is going to invest money in a significant piece of software, they’re going to choose the option that’s least likely to cost them more money due to a security flaw.
4) Scalability to spare
The flexibility of Open Source means an SMB isn’t stuck with a proprietary solution that doesn’t fit their needs. Instead, customers can rely on scalability built in to the software that allows it to adjust to fit their exact needs—both in the present and in the future. Custom solutions can scale up (or down) as an SMB needs them to. This also means they’ll only pay for what they need, when they need it.
5) Future-forward
In the past, commercial applications led the way, but that is not the case anymore. Open Source is at the forefront of so many prominent technologies: IoT, cloud and big data, just to name a few. These platforms are being pushed forward by projects that lean on Open Source, and even the backbone of the Internet relies on PHP, Apache and Linux, which are all examples of Open Source. SMBs are looking for solutions to invest in that are future-forward looking to continually innovate—and Open Source is just that.
For data center questions or to find out how Open Source can help your customers, talk to Ingram Micro’s data center experts. Contact Samuel Alt at samuel.alt@ingrammicro.com or Nick Vermiglio at nick.vermiglio@ingrammicro.com.

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