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Three Reasons VARs are Indispensable to Big Data and the Data Center

January 06, 2017

Three Reasons VARs are Indispensable to Big Data and the Data Center

When it comes to technology sales, Big Data and the data center look set to make a significant impact. Earlier this year, Michael Vizard of Channel Insider wrote that "Big data may be the biggest IT trend for the channel in recent memory," citing a New Vantage Partners survey in which more than 90 percent of 1,000 Fortune 1000 executives "said their organizations have at least one big data project completed or under way." It's a good time to join the fray, and an especially good time for Value Added Resellers (VARs). Here are three reasons why.

1. Specialization

Different verticals demand different things of their Big Data implementations. Within the manufacturing industry, customers may require a focus on manufacturing processes within plants and factories. Customers in consumer-facing industries, on the other hand, might need to delve into consumer behaviors and activities. One size fits all won't work in these cases. VARs that specialize within certain verticals add value to Big Data technology by providing industry-specific solutions or customizations. That kind of added value can drive sales for Big Data and the data center.

2. Professional services

As Vizard pointed out, Big Data touches almost every area of IT, and that complicates planning, purchasing, implementation, and maintenance. Not every customer's organization is equipped to handle those complications. Where an organization's desire for solutions involving Big Data and the data center outstrips its ability to implement and manage those solutions, VARs can help. VARs' experience with financing and budgeting are also strong draws. Finally, offering professional services like workforce training can help overcome deployment concerns and close major sales.

3. Economies of scale

The economies of scale that a VAR can achieve benefit both equipment resellers and enterprise customers. For the reseller, VARs represent opportunities for far larger purchases than individual businesses can make. For the VARs' customers, meanwhile, those economies of scale help drive down costs, providing savings right at the start. In an area like Big Data and the data center, where purchases are typically major and costly, this is a powerful draw. Plan to take advantage of that, and you put yourself in a position to maximize your success.

Big Data is a big trend and can contribute to big business for very good reasons. Knowledge is power, and Big Data provides the tools to gain an unprecedented level of knowledge into any business thanks to the insights that can be extracted from it. Are VARs the best equipped to maximize that business value for the enterprise? Let us know in the comments.