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Three Must-Read Big Data Case Studies

February 28, 2017

Three Must-Read Big Data Case Studies

In your quest to conquer the growing Big Data market, knowledge is key. You've read the white papers and armed yourself with a selection of application examples tailor-made to demonstrate your customers' need for the technology. Now it's time to bring some real-world examples to the table. Here are three must-read Big Data case studies that illustrate the practical benefits real companies have gained from Big Data technology.

1. Nokia: "Hadoop is absolutely mission critical"

The first of our Big Data case studies demonstrates the power of Big Data to break down silos and integrate massive amounts of data into a unified, holistic data asset. The company was collecting terabytes of unstructured data every day from phones, applications, services, log files, and more and found that attempting to capture all these petabytes of data in structured environments would be cost-prohibitive and less than efficient. With their Hadoop-based Big Data implementation, Nokia was able to unify its data for easier consumption for purposes ranging from usage pattern analysis to traffic modeling and navigation mapping.

2. The Hospital for Sick Children: Using Big Data to improve patient outcomes

Advances in medical device connectivity are driving adoption of Big Data in healthcare, and for good reason. The second of our Big Data case studies demonstrates the power of Big Data to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes—in short, to save lives. At The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, the need to overcome "data overload" from medical devices and to develop better early detection of health problems and complications led to the creation of a new platform capable of capturing and analyzing medical monitor data in real time. Based on IBM InfoSphere Streams information processing technology, Project Artemis enables both "near-real-time decision support" and "future retrospective analysis" of health data.

3. ISE Commerce: Driving global sales through local insights

No mention of Big Data use cases would be complete without the requisite retail story. In the third of our Big Data case studies, South Korean online fashion, home, beauty, and lifestyle retailer ISE Commerce leveraged the power of Big Data to enable its "omni-channel retail strategy" of global sales through localized e-commerce websites.  The IBM Smarter Commerce Big Data e-commerce platform gave ISE "efficient order processing and integrated inventory management in its growing distribution channel," as well as the insight necessary to effectively localize and customize websites in different geographies. ISE now predicts a CAGR of 47 percent moving forward, thanks to the success Big Data has brought.

What these Big Data case studies have in common is simple: insight leads to success. But the amount of data organizations now collect is too great to yield its insights to old-fashioned analysis. Big Data analytics platforms are necessary to process all the information coming in. And with the right implementation, geared to the customer's industry and needs, the sky's the limit.

What other Big Data case studies have you found enlightening? Share your thoughts in the comments.