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Three Healthcare Buyer Pain Points to Understand for CXOs and IT Executives

February 24, 2017

Three Healthcare Buyer Pain Points to Understand for CXOs and IT Executives

As a VAR, you already know that you can't make the big sales without selling to the C-Suite. That's especially critical when it comes to the healthcare IT market. Healthcare IT is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20 percent over the next four years, according to RNCOS analysts, but that doesn't make it low-hanging fruit. Healthcare has some very specific buyer pain points that VARs must address. The following three points are particularly important.

1. Budget

This is one of the major and most common buyer pain points. Healthcare is big business, true, but it's a big business with big expenses, and salaries, equipment, facilities, and utilities can eat up a significant amount of funding before IT projects even get considered. When talking to the CXOs at a healthcare organization, you'll have to convince them of the real, practical business value of what you're selling. When will they see their ROI? Will your project reduce their OpEx? Will it increase their operational efficiency or improve the quality of care they offer? To boost your chances of success, come armed with real metrics to demonstrate the value of your offering.

2. Security

Among the buyer pain points healthcare organizations face, security is extremely significant. The healthcare industry is subject to regulations like HIPAA and HITECH, which govern how they store, transmit, secure, and access electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). Noncompliance can lead to heavy penalties, as healthcare CXOs and IT decision-makers know. No matter what solutions you're offering, come prepared to answer questions about how your solutions will impact compliance and what you can do to ensure compliance within the solutions themselves. Reassure the C-Suite that your offerings won't cause regulatory headaches if you want to make the sale.

3. Manpower and Training

Thanks to budget issues, staffing levels in all departments of a healthcare organization can be problematic. This is true of the IT department as well, making manpower and training time one of the buyer pain points most likely to come up in a meeting with the CXOs. Will your solution require additional dedicated staff? Will personnel need extensive training (taking time away from their regular duties and/or costing the organization more in wages)? Luckily, as a VAR, you should be well-poised to provide good answers to these questions: the managed deployment, workforce training, and ongoing professional services and support you can offer will go a long way towards overcoming staffing-related objections.

Buyer pain points aren't the whole story, of course. The healthcare IT market is growing for good reason, and several factors will influence broader adoption of newer technologies over the next few years. In any case, as a VAR with the support and resources of your distributor to back you up, you should have no trouble answering even the tough questions CXOs might throw at you as you make your sale.

What other pain points do VARs need to address in order to sell to the healthcare industry? Let us know in the comments.