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The challenges to digital transformation

An infographic shows 8 reasons why so many initiatives fail

October 22, 2019

Digital transformation is on the minds of most data center managers today—every enterprise today is undergoing some form of it. In fact, IDC reports that spending on digital transformation is expected to surpass $2.1 trillion by 2021.
Once digital transformation projects are implemented successfully, they pay off. A recent Ninex report found that approximately 94% of decision makers believe their digital transformation efforts are successful in delivering a return on investment (ROI).
Unfortunately however, most digital transformation projects aren’t implemented successfully. Research by McKinsey shows that 70% of large-scale change programs don’t reach their stated goals.
Check out this infographic to see the 8 primary reasons why:

8 reasons why so many digital transformation initiatives fail
Research by McKinsey shows that 70% of large-scale change programs don’t reach their stated goals. Here are the primary causes for digital transformation failure in today’s enterprises and the percentage of organizations that cite these issues as problems.

Getting the right information to the right person in charge of implementing a particular phase of a project (75%)
Reliance on paper scanning as the most important form of capturing information (72%)
Migrating data from legacy systems into more modern technology (59%)

Lack of robust, enterprise-information governance policies (75%)
Insufficient training for employees (32%)

IT bottlenecks (33%)
Lack of executive buy-in (38%)
Insufficient in-house talent (38%)
If your data center customers are having problems implementing their digital transformation initiatives and you’d like advice on what assistance you can offer them, contact Samuel Alt or Nick Vermiglio, our data center experts.