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The 411 on selling Cisco HyperFlex Systems

September 27, 2019

The 411 on selling Cisco HyperFlex Systems
Within the past seven years, hyperconvergence came about as a ground-up rethinking of all the services that comprise the data center. Hyperconvergence brings together existing storage, compute and network switching products into a pretested, prevalidated offering sold as a single solution.
Download this sales battle card to learn:
  • The top 5 end-user benefits of HyperFlex
  • 5 FAQs about HyperFlex you should expect from prospective clients
  • Which types of end users are the best fit for this offering
  • 6 ways Cisco HyperFlex beats out the competition
  • How Ingram Micro can help your HyperFlex sales.