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Talk to an expert about the modern data center

October 07, 2021

Talk to an expert about the modern data center
What does the future of data centers look like? How can you maximize data center technology and innovation for you and your customers? Get answers to these questions and more by speaking with a data center expert. They’ll explain what a modern data center is, how to build one and what the benefits are.
Here are a few examples of questions you should ask:
  • How can I leverage data center innovation as an opportunity?
  • What is an application-driven data center and what are the benefits?
  • What is a touchless data center and what are the benefits?
  • How does a modern data center better protect customer data?
Our data center experts are happy to educate you on what the building blocks of a modern data center should be, and how data centers can act as a disrupter to commodity computing. Don't forget to inquire about the latest application-driven architecture and what the recent hardware advances and software trends mean for the industry. Plus, you should absolutely ask them about Ingram Micro’s flexible financing options and how they can meet your specific needs.
The benefits of a modern data center can be a game changer for your customers—and you. Speak with a data center expert today to create a strategic plan that lets you leverage the latest technology to suit you and your customers’ needs. 


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