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Take me to your server: Selecting the best servers for hospitality environments

February 21, 2017

Take me to your server: Selecting the best servers for hospitality environments



What many solution providers don’t realize about the hospitality industry is that hotels are actually a variety of business models wrapped into one. Beyond the lodging experience, many of them also provide an in-house restaurant, a coffee-shop experience, a sports bar, a gift shop and a variety of other things to meet the various demands of their guests.

Because of this, their networking and server needs are often more complex than your typical enterprise customers.

Here are a few things to consider when selecting a server for your hospitality clients:

  • Do they require credit card processing in multiple locations? (Lobby, gift shop, café, bar, etc.)
  • What PCI compliances need to be addressed at the server level?
  • Do they store sensitive guest information?
  • How extensive is the Wi-Fi demand? What’s the maximum bandwidth requirement?
  • Do they have a digital signage solution? If so, how many screens are being served?
  • What are their cybersecurity needs?
  • Do they have a physical security solution that requires high-volume video data storage?

As you begin to answer these, you’ll no doubt begin to uncover even more questions that need to be addressed with your hospitality client before you can design a network infrastructure capable of responding to all these different challenges at once.

One helpful server solution to consider comes from Supermicro. Their Mini PC-embedded servers are application optimized, cost-effective and ideal for space-constrained applications. For many solution providers, these highly dense, super compact servers provide exceptional networking, storage and I/O expansion.

Another great feature of the Supermicro Mini PC is the lower power consumption it provides, with redundant power and cooling options for increased availability and uninterrupted operation.

The best use of these embedded servers on the hospitality side is for network and storage appliances, digital signage and physical surveillance applications, but they can easily adapt into almost any configuration you can imagine.

Even if you’re not entirely sure just how to assess all of your hotel customers’ varied network requirements, Ingram Micro can help. Our Professional Services team can work with you to design the solution, or even go on-site to your hotel customers’ locations if you need help assessing their needs and recommending a complete solution.

Want to know more? Be sure to contact your Ingram Micro Professional Services team today.