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Solving operational challenges in today’s data center

A Q&A with an Ingram Micro expert

December 16, 2019

Solving operational challenges in today’s data center
We spoke with Nick Vermiglio, Sr. Technology Consultant, Digital Transformation Solutions (DXS) Specialty Technology Group at Ingram Micro, about the key issues facing data center managers today. He offered some very interesting insights.

What do you see as the biggest operational challenges facing data centers right now?

As I see it, there are two major challenges:

  • Adopting a workable digital transformation strategy that will impact operational decisions—and implementing new technology to support the strategy.
    This can be particularly challenging since many data centers support legacy applications that limit the ability to modernize the infrastructure. Many legacy environments can’t take advantage of modernized data center solutions, in which case decisions need to be made as to how to address the infrastructure moving forward. IT personnel and application developers and producers will need to cooperate closely to find common ground on this issue.
  • Physical security and cybersecurity
    These remain key issues at the forefront of data center design and management. New data center solutions and private, hybrid and public cloud environments will need to address ongoing security requirements.
How have the challenges changed from the past?  
Virtualization of the data center (network, compute and storage) marked an important turning point. So did the ability to leverage private, hybrid and public cloud. These trends present new types of challenges.

Software-defined solutions are now being utilized to streamline data center operation and management. And the outsourcing and subscription service model has become a growing trend for data center management.
How do you see these evolving in the next 5–10 years?
I believe data centers will increasingly rely on outsourcing for management and support, namely a subscription-based service model (IaaS, SaaS and PaaS).  And the cooperation between IT and application development through DevOps will become even more critical and strategic.
What are data center administrators doing to address these challenges?
Administrators are taking a different view of the data center in general. They’ve evolved from products-based to business-based thinking, having come to the realization that infrastructure is a commodity, and decisions need to be based primarily on business requirements. Risk mitigation as well as controlling CAPEX and OPEX are now key when addressing challenges related to data center management.
How can Ingram Micro help?
Data center administrators now realize they must look into adopting new technologies that address all aspects of data center operation and management. However, there are so many offerings that it can be difficult to identify which technologies and solutions will deliver the right results.
That’s where Ingram Micro can be invaluable. We work closely with our partners and their customers to identify what’s best to meet their particular requirements—and offer guidance on how to implement these solutions. We also provide Professional and Training services to address specific partners’ needs as well as customer opportunities they’re engaged in.
In addition, Ingram Micro’s technology consultants are available to provide support for our major vendors’ products as well as new technology offerings from our EVI (Emerging Vendor Initiative) vendors. And our Solution Playbooks can provide further “how to” guidance on a range of issues.
If you’d like to discuss these issues in greater detail, feel free to contact Nick at nick.vermiglio@ingrammicro.com.