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Securing HCI defenses, earning more profits

June 24, 2018

Securing HCI defenses, earning more profits


With the worldwide cost of cybercrime estimated to reach $6 trillion annually by 2021, it’s important that security’s at the top of your priority list when it comes to setting up an on-premises, hyperconverged data center. Consider the following factors and new-business opportunities to ensure security and business continuity for your customers.

  • Antivirus: Unlike a traditional antivirus found on your desktop, the virtualized environment requires more specialized antivirus applications to protect against hypervisor threats, like the rare but most serious threat—virtual machine escape.
  • Switching/firewalls: Avoid network compromise and eavesdropping by making sure your virtual switches isolate network traffic. Route traffic through its respective security levels before connecting it to corresponding switching ports. Some hyperconverged technologies allow you to monitor the entire network to keep an eye on nefarious network traffic.
  • Business continuity: The HCI environment is ideal for a redundant array of independent nodes (RAIN). In the event of a server failure, the hyperconverged cluster goes into a rebuild state right away, ensuring business continuity and uptime.
  • Data replication: By adhering to the 3-2-1 rule for data replication, you ensure that your customers’ strategic data is located in different locations. For example, in the event of a corrupt file or malware, your customer has a copy to fall back on to keep their business going.
  • Backup capabilities: According to Jon Busshart, Ingram Micro senior Solution Center engineer/instructor, not a lot of hyperconverged platforms include backup capabilities. This makes for an easy upsell opportunity and reinforces the data-replication sale.
  • Disaster recovery plan: The lack of a disaster recovery plan could lead to irreparable damage or going out of business. This three-step data center disaster recovery cheat sheet will help you create a data center DR plan to ensure business continuity.

Financing for your secure hyperconverged infrastructure

Financing your secure hyperconverged infrastructure is easy with Ingram Micro Financial Solutions. For more information, read about easing your credit and cash challenges and expanding your credit line.

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