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Rely on Ingram Micro resources to transform your data center business

February 27, 2018

Rely on Ingram Micro resources to transform your data center business

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In the third and final part of our business-model transformation series, we go beyond credit and professional services and share perspectives and tips from two Ingram Micro experts, technology consultant, Carol Wright and senior channel account specialist, Nick Engel. On the front lines, working with partners daily, they share how they help partners position their businesses as data center providers of the future.

Build in flexibility to grow

Carol: Business-model transformation blends into the philosophy that we've been talking to partners about over the last few years. It's easy to sell hardware, but those partners will get left behind. They need to build in flexibility to grow. For example, security is so critical in every end-customer business that if partners aren’t building flexibility into a small or regional data center, they’ll be left behind.

Nick: In the past, partners focused on using pre-sales technical support to outline specifications for a project and hand the build to the customer. If partners don't understand what the end customer wants and what they’re using it for, their specs might not be aligned with what the end customer wants, or the solution’s end result. I tell partners to focus on outcome solutions. And I tell them to plan for the future, so their customer can start small and grow as their needs increase, through enhanced features or additional hardware.

The best sales people don’t talk; they listen

Carol: We find that the successful partners aren't waiting for the opportunities to come to them. They’re more integrated into their end customers' businesses by listening and asking questions. Some of the best sales people don't talk; they listen.

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Nick and Carol urge data center partners to leverage their knowledge of how to transform their businesses into data center providers of the future.

Nick: Carol and I have worked together a lot. Whether a partner is large or small, seasoned or new to the data center, or wants to identify new architectures, we can help. We don’t want partners saying no to any opportunity. Just because a partner is selling phones to a customer, because that’s what they focus on, doesn't mean they can't ask about the data center because they're not comfortable with it. We can help. To learn more, contact Carol Wright and Nick Engel.

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