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Q&A: How CloudLogic helps you find “cash in cushions” through cost optimization

Ingram Micro’s strategic consulting arm changes the game for resellers, end users and Ingram Micro as a company

November 12, 2021

Q&A: How CloudLogic helps you find “cash in cushions” through cost optimization
Did you know the average company wastes up to 35% of their cloud spend (as reported by Flexera)? CloudLogic, an Ingram Micro company, not only agrees with that metric, but they see such data every day in real-world consultations.
Good news: It doesn’t have to be this way.
CloudLogic recently made front-page news in this CRN article, which highlights the wholesale impact it’s making on Ingram Micro’s portfolio of offerings. To dig deeper in this success story, we sat down with Fred Latala, GM of Strategic Consulting at CloudLogic, to talk cloud, next-generation strategic consulting and finding “cash in cushions.”
CloudLogic Q&A
What is CloudLogic?
CloudLogic is Ingram Micro’s in-house strategic consulting arm for partners. We’re committed to helping clients develop, enhance and industrialize their portfolio through IT strategy, cloud enablement, workload placement, cost optimization and transformation/migration services.
Rumor has it you’ve uncovered ridiculous amounts of money inside companies. Is that true?
It’s true. During our consultations, we find cash in the cushions—every time. But it takes work on our end. We find cost savings in hardware, software, cloud—you name it. If we find cash in a company today, we’ll find more six months from now as dynamics change. We had a large, name-brand client who challenged us to find cost savings. We soon discovered that they had 25 cloud accounts and we found hundreds of thousands of dollars in just the first account we evaluated.
The industry is buzzing about CloudLogic becoming part of Ingram Micro, including the CEO of GreenPages. Why the hype?
We had multiple companies looking to partner exclusively with us, and they were all smart, good people. However, Ingram Micro is more forward-thinking and visionary than other distributors. Like us, they’re thinking about the next generation of their portfolio. They had everything a reseller needs, minus a strategic consulting arm, so it was a natural fit. Ingram Micro also has a robust team of data center and cloud experts. If you’re going to be in a highly competitive business, you better add unique value so that partners don’t want to leave—Ingram Micro is doing that and we’re 100% aligned.
Why should solutions providers call on CloudLogic?
We make a living solving messy, complicated client challenges. Many companies are struggling with how to exist in the next generation of IT. The industry is changing faster than I’ve ever seen. To solve problems, we foster new conversations between partners and their end-user clients. We also enable partners to say YES to new customers because we come in as an extension of them. This creates pathways to new revenue streams that were never possible before.
What makes CloudLogic unique?
We lead with conversations about business outcomes, not IT. We don’t just come in as one-and-done consultants. We don’t simply tell you what you’re doing wrong and collect a check. CloudLogic learns your business beyond tech. After a lot of listening on our part, we create an end-to-end plan to discover what you currently have—and where you should go. And the big differentiator is that we stay with you in this journey until the results are realized.
What methodology does CloudLogic live by?
We apply these four steps to everything we do:
  • Enablement: We work closely with clients to understand their business and what role tech plays in it. Then, we’re ready to help them successfully adopt cloud in scale. We rationalize, leverage, promote and optimize cloud to become a differentiator in their portfolios.
  • Placement: We collaborate with clients to build a decision tree for them. Where does data reside? What about workloads? What type of assets are there and where do we place them? We customize this tree to work toward answers based on the business the client is in.
  • Migration: This is the messy part that most companies don’t want to touch. We clean things up across their environment and take on the burden of migration. We mitigate the risk of losing data. We also make sure productivity and client access doesn’t stop. And we do it all safely so business continues. The best migration is when nobody knows it happened.
  • Optimization: In short, we find money. We conduct our total cost of ownership (TCO) exploration of hardware, software and licensing. It’s not difficult for us to save money and optimize spend. We determine which assets can stay, which should go and which should move to the cloud. In the cloud, we help before and after work is moved.
Where do you find the most significant cost savings?
We often find up to 65% savings in software and software licensing. That environment frequently lends itself to unearthed savings. 30–40% savings in infrastructure is not unheard of. Also, the stat about the typical company wasting up to 35% of their cloud spend is true.
What needs to be said about CloudLogic that isn’t being said?
Tapping into our resource could accelerate and future-proof your business. We don’t shy away from big jobs and big conversations. If you have questions, call us. If you have opportunities, call us. We don’t just throw ideas over the wall—we stand alongside you.
Ready for a no-pressure chat about cloud migration and cost savings? Reference this blog and contact ingram@cloudlogicit.com.


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