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Power and cooling—factors to consider when building a data center

February 01, 2021

Power and cooling—factors to consider when building a data center
Data centers are essential to just about every business connected to the internet. And like all indispensable technology, data centers are evolving as engineers attempt to find a way to make everything smaller, faster, cheaper and—most importantly—the way customers want it. Yet there are other considerations, like carbon footprint and being eco-friendly. In order to meet these demands, data center architecture needs to be imagined from the ground up, including infrastructure management—but it all starts with power and cooling. Let’s look at how these two factors can influence data center services and overall design.

The most important factor in data center design is how it will be powered. With renewable energy now cheaper than ever (and cheaper than fossil fuels in many cases), most companies are looking to build new data centers near an abundant renewable power source (hydroelectric plants, wind farms, geothermal energy, etc.). While this may limit choices geographically, using renewable power should save companies money in the long term, to say nothing of shrinking their environmental impact.
How you cool a data center also factors into its overall design, which can depend a lot on location. Plenty of data centers have turned to naturally cold environments to help cool down infrastructure, including the cold air of the arctic or the frigid waters of the ocean. When it comes to other cooling methods, companies are turning to technology like waste heat utilization, calibrated vector cooling (CVC), raised floor architecture and direct-to-chip liquid cooling. By combining renewable power with a highly efficient technology like direct-to-chip liquid cooling, companies can consume less power and save more on cost than ever before.

It’s this intersection of cooling, power and server technology that will allow data centers to continually move toward greater overall efficiency. After all, being able to mitigate server heat means you can design more servers into your floor plan. More servers equal more storage and computing power. And when all that’s coupled with a next-gen infrastructure management system, you’ve got yourself a data center that’s cool, powerful and smart enough for just about anything.

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