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Partner success story: When you have a 500-site global implementation, who do you call?

December 17, 2017

Partner success story: When you have a 500-site global implementation, who do you call?

When a solution provider approached Ingram Micro with a global data center integration project, Ingram Micro brought its resources to bear. After months of customer discussions, presentations and keeping an eye on the details, the solution provider won the 500-site bid.

The project began two years ago when the solution provider needed a custom-configured data center on a rack to support its customer’s five sites. Based on a previous positive experience with Ingram Micro’s integration center in Millington, Tenn., the solution provider returned with a bigger opportunity to help a global manufacturing customer update, standardize and refresh its IT infrastructure at every location, 500 sites domestically and globally, while continuing to acquire more companies.

The challenge

The challenge was being sensitive to the solution provider’s needs among various internal and external stakeholders. Ingram Micro’s project leads, including Nick Vermiglio, technology consultant; Joseph Palmer, senior sales executive; and David Nemerovski, manager, Project Management Office (PMO) for Technical IT Services, tapped every Ingram Micro resource at their disposal to build a presentation that demonstrated how all stakeholders could participate to roll out a successful implementation—and help the solution provider win the deal.

The scope

“The scope of any project requires our team to dot the i’s and cross the t’s,” says Vermiglio. “Given the scope, we just had to do a little more homework—it’s what we do.” With most of the equipment being sourced through Ingram Micro, the scope of the project includes:

  • Deployment across 500 customer sites—30% domestically, 70% globally
  • An 18–24 month timeline, which may be extended as the customer acquires more businesses
  • Ingram Micro Integration and Configuration Services in Millington, Tenn.
  • Ingram Micro IT Asset Disposition for the eventual reclamation of existing equipment
  • Ingram Micro’s international import/export team to manage the complexities of taxes, tariffs and more
  • Work with participating vendors to create integrated solutions that meet local licensing, warranty and safety requirements

One Ingram Micro

The scope and complexity of this project requires a range of Ingram Micro resources to make this a customer success. “Joe Palmer is the customer interface with the solution provider’s C-level executives,” says Nemerovski. “We host three weekly team meetings to ensure everything is on track, including sales, configuration and part tracking (multiply that by thousands of parts). And Steve Pearson, director of global business development, is critical to addressing international shipping requirements.”