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Partner success story: From conversation to transformation

August 25, 2017

Partner success story: From conversation to transformation

How Ingram Micro helped take a customer's collaboration practice to the next level

Earlier this year, Carol Wright and Chris Heinrich, Ingram Micro technology consultants, received a call from a collaboration customer. Their in-house Cisco architect left the company and they needed direction on supporting their existing Cisco business. Carol and Chris not only saw an opportunity to help, but defined a new way of doing business that could transform their collaboration practice.

Planning and identifying opportunities

Carol and Chris worked with their customer’s sales director to develop a training curriculum tailored to their current team’s skills and experience. During their planning conversations, Carol and Chris saw an opportunity to introduce Cisco Spark for collaboration and a security practice. They also identified ways their customer could update their sales approach to play a more consultative role with their own customers.

Training day

In June, Carol and Chris hosted their half-day training in Ingram Micro’s Millington, Tenn., advanced logistics facility with 13 of their customer’s top sales and engineering personnel. Carol and Chris demonstrated Cisco Spark, what it is, how it's used, how it reinvents collaboration and  leverages existing products like WebEx, and how to position and sell it to the customer. And since data center security threats continue to grow, Carol and Chris introduced how a security practice opportunity could help round out their offerings.

The results

Today, Carol and Chris regularly check in with their customer’s sales team to facilitate planning, monitor progress and assist with opportunities. Carol and Chris report that their customer is signed up with Cisco’s Unified Workspace for Partners (CUWP), so they can use Cisco collaboration tools internally and demonstrate them to their customers. And by adopting a consultative role with their own customers, they’re beginning to move some of their collaboration sales to the cloud.

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