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Next Generation Productivity: Leveraging Big Data/Analytics, Collaboration, and BYOD

February 14, 2017

Next Generation Productivity: Leveraging Big Data/Analytics, Collaboration, and BYOD

Ingram Micro is pleased to invite you to the Technology Solutions Conference in Buffalo, NY on March 11-14, 2014.

At the most recent 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), an internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show, tools and gadgets that provided extreme productivity and connected everything shined. What is driving these trends? Businesses and customers are seeking new ways to increase productivity, cut costs, reduce cycle times, and make informed decisions based on the data gathered. This world is changing and the need for data collection and continuous productivity and connection is shaping a new way to learn, work and live with the power of technology.

Big Data/Analytics, Collaboration, and BYOD alters the definitions of productivity and work. Embracing these technology solutions makes it possible to innovate faster than ever before, with significantly improved execution. This will drive even greater productivity than what organizations have achieved with the Internet. Not only is it imperative from a competitive standpoint, but the shifting demographics of today’s workforce also demands it. The ability to gather and support large datasets (Big Data/Analytics), seamless connection and exchange of information (Collaboration), and to provide access [to that data] to work from anywhere, anytime (BYOD) is the solution businesses need to aid this boom in next generation productivity.

Come join Ingram Micro and our manufacturer sponsors at this interactive and educational conference around “Next Generation Productivity: Leveraging Big Data/Analytics, Collaboration, and BYOD to learn about all its key components. 

This conference is valued at $1699 and the fee is $249 for the event, because you are a very important Ingram Micro customer, we have waived the conference fee as well as your hotel accommodations. You will only be responsible for your travel/airfare for this event. Everything else will be covered!

Seating for this event, as well as hotel accommodations, will be limited so please register early to ensure your participation. Registration is limited to 2 representatives per company. 2 people from the same company will be required to share a room if they are the same gender.


March 11-14, 2014

Buffalo Marriott Niagara
1340 Millersport Highway
Amherst, NY 14224

Register for this valuable event today!  The deadline to register is Monday, February 17.