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Keep your customers’ data centers safe with these 5 services

December 28, 2022

Keep your customers’ data centers safe with these 5 services
With the world’s growing reliance on data and digital resources, data centers are taking over the world, and that means they’re constantly in the crosshairs of cyber criminals. Data centers are also some of the most vulnerable targets because their size makes them harder to secure and IT personnel required to secure them are expensive. It’s no wonder then that the 5 most-requested Ingram Micro services by data center customers have to do with cybersecurity. With that in mind, let’s look at our customers’ 5 most-requested data center services:
#1 - Critical Security Controls Assessment
The Critical Security Controls Assessment focuses on data center policies and is requested when a customer wants to make sure their data center protocols are adequate. Our data center experts will then analyze data center policies and procedures to see if anything needs to be added or amended to ensure things are as safe as can be.
#2 - Infrastructure Assessment
The Infrastructure Assessment focuses on data center hardware and is useful when a partner completes a data center installation and is required to have a third party evaluate the job. While a customer could contract any third party to perform the assessment, the process is much more convenient if they’re already an Ingram Micro partner and have an established relationship with us.
#3 - Vulnerability Scan
The Vulnerability Scan focuses on data center hardware and searches the entire data center environment for any potential vulnerabilities. Once discovered, we present customers with a list of problem areas for them to fix. Vulnerability scans are important for any data center, but especially for many financial institutions, which transact highly sensitive information and are required to perform scans semi-annually or even quarterly.
#4 - Penetration Test
The Penetration Test also focuses on data center hardware like the Vulnerability Test, but the difference is our experts will not only locate vulnerabilities, they’ll try to exploit them and gain access to a customer’s infrastructure. Once they’ve done this, a report is compiled and shared with the customer so they can evaluate and address the exploits in their system.
#5 – Phishing Assessment
The Phishing Assessment doesn’t evaluate processes or hardware—it evaluates people. When a customer requests this assessment, our experts evaluate the behavior of that company’s personnel to determine if any vulnerabilities or exploits exist related to how employees conduct themselves. This could include sending malicious emails to an entire company to see who clicks on them, or impersonating co-workers via the phone to ask employees to divulge confidential information, and then providing training recommendations so employees can better identify and avoid phishing attacks.
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