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Hyper-Converged Data Centers

June 02, 2017

Hyper-Converged Data Centers

Plug in, turn on, configure, and go. That’s the appeal of hyper-converged infrastructure, in which compute, storage and networking resources are integrated in a single box, operating under a software-defined model in which all of these elements are virtualized and delivered as a service. Hyper-converged systems offer easy scalability, simply by adding more units to a cluster, and high performance by distributing data and operations across the cluster.

“The whole promise of hyper-convergence is that you can set up to deliver something like a VDI implementation in just 15 minutes,” says Bill Brandel, executive director, Ingram Micro Advanced Solutions. “Hyper-convergence takes away all the work involved in making all the technologies work together,” including easing ongoing administration of diverse components through a centralized management layer.

Hyper-convergence is a departure from the traditional reference architecture approach, in which channel partners customize an all-in-one offering to suit a client’s requirements. But that integration takes a lot of effort. “We really see hyper-convergence taking off as a supereasy and attractive option in the small and midsize business space, and for companies that are growing and that need to scale out quickly,” says Brandel. Channel partners can take these purpose-built solutions to customers’ locations, and “in minutes have the systems up and running and connected to the main corporate office,” he says.

The seeds for hyper-convergence were sown by emerging players such as Nutanix. Through its acquisition of Promark Technology, Ingram Micro now has access to sell Nutanix systems to reseller partners, and Ingram Micro is adding personnel to take that solution to all customers, Brandel explains. Bigger names, such as VMware, have moved into the space, and brands such as Cisco, Dell, HP and IBM are coming out with their own flavors of hyper-convergence.

Ingram Micro is working with many top-tier manufacturers on their go-to-market strategies. Coupling the insight gained from those relationships with Ingram Micro’s support and marketing expertise means that solution providers can quickly train on these new solutions, generate demand among their customers and deliver the solution with ease.

“This is an exciting space to be in,” Brandel says. “Stay tuned—there’s more to come.”