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How Big Data Services Are Best When a Distributor is Involved

April 16, 2017

How Big Data Services Are Best When a Distributor is Involved

Distributors are at the epicenter of today’s big data discussion. At a time when customers in every industry are looking to take advantage of the right combination of hardware, software, skilled IT experts and services to manage the petabytes of data that continues to grow exponentially, distributors can offer IT solutions and services at every stage of a value added resellers (VARs) big data management project.

In fact, it’s the distributors that are tasked not only with selling the latest data storage products from original equipment manufacturers, but distributors along with their channel partners are keenly aware of those vertical markets where data growth is increasing, such as healthcare, finance and banking, retail and manufacturers, as well as federal, state and local governments – to name a few.

Through their relationships with resellers, who influence the technology discussion with CIOs, IT executives and line of business managers, distributors are uniquely positioned to focus the discussion on providing customized solutions that include the right mix of services and products to address a customer’s business requirements.

Let’s face it, VARs need distributors to tackle issues arising in the data center or in cloud computing environments, and VARs need a partner that can offer a myriad of services that include everything from financing to technical support, logistics, target marketing and integration services.

As mobile technology and social media generate more data and add greater complexity to big data solutions, distributors can help VARs manage their customer’s big data projects in very special and unique ways.  This includes:

  1. Distributors can address your problems by identifying the technology you need. A big data project represents a major disruption to a customer’s data management and business intelligence activities. As a systems integrator you’re going to need a distributor to help you address your customer’s data problems, select the right technology, and provide services to execute your plan. This includes everything from data center servers, virtualization and storage solutions, to network and physical security, as well as mobility and wireless solutions.
  2. Distributors offer managed services. Among the services you’ll need are Network Operations Center (NOC) Services, managed security, remote monitoring and management and online backup support. Distributors can also provide IT expertise and staff training.
  3. Distributors can help finance your project. A number of options are available to you that will help you pay for your big data project in a way that accommodates your financial needs.  Net terms, leasing or end-user financing are some of the options you can tap into to pay for your project.
  4. Distributors offer cloud computing. As companies increasingly find it difficult to capture, store and manage their data, cloud computing has become an increasingly attractive alternative for large, mid-sized and small companies that VARs work with. To avoid investing in a data center, which involves spending on hardware, software and IT staff, distributors can offer a cloud computing platform for a fraction of the cost.
  5. Through cloud computing distributors offer interoperability and workflow improvement. For example, in verticals like healthcare, where information is segmented, uploading patients’ images, as well as diagnosis, prescription and other patient information to the cloud helps doctors and other clinicians’ access information in one place. This improves a clinician’s workflow and helps them make better medical decisions.  
  6. Distributors offer big data analytics. Distributors are investing heavily in tools that analyze data so that they can help companies and organizations gain insights, identify business trends and uncover predictive behavior. Through partnerships with distributors, VARs can improve their business intelligence offering to customers who want to  analyzing everything from clickstreams and server log files to social network streams and geospatial data from mobile apps.
  7. Distributors can help you with ongoing management services, maintenance and support long after you’ve implemented your big data project.

As you consider your options you should think of the many ways distributors can add value to your big data projects. The importance of providing a complete end-to-end solution that includes the technology, the financing, the IT expertise and operations management after the solution is installed is the best path to success for resellers implementing big data solutions.