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Four Must-Read Big Data White Papers and Why They Matter

February 13, 2017

Four Must-Read Big Data White Papers and Why They Matter

As with any new technology, success in sales requires product expertise. Big Data is no different, but may be more challenging to learn than some other technologies, thanks to the complexities of the ecosystem. A huge number of different factors, both technological and human, can impact the success of a Big Data implementation, and you should understand as many of those factors and their effects on each other. Your distributor is an excellent source of training and continued support and knowledge, but many people find it useful to first do some reading on their own. To kick-start your learning, here are four Big Data white papers that provide an excellent introduction into the field.

1. "From Big Data to Knowledge" – HP

Of the four Big Data white papers discussed here, this one makes the best primer. HP offers a look at a complete Big Data tool chain, from data sources and collection tools to analytics platform. HP also includes four use cases that give a practical demonstration of the products and principles discussed. Significantly longer than the other white papers at this list at a whopping 33 pages, the HP white paper matters because of its broad and detailed look at an entire Big Data environment. If you're interested in learning more about Big Data, this macro perspective is a critical one to develop.

2. "Automating and Orchestrating the Network: Bringing Simplicity and Agility to Datacenters" – IDC/Juniper Networks

While not a Big Data white paper per se, this Juniper Networks-sponsored IDC document discusses several principles key to a successful Big Data implementation. Big Data and other next-generation IT workloads have forced an evolution of the enterprise data center towards virtualization and cloud architectures, placing increasing pressure on networks, whose capabilities often lag behind. In a world where resources must be spun up and data sets processed on the fly and in real time, the weeks-long provisioning times of the bare metal age are no longer acceptable. The automation and overall data center orchestration capabilities of the new networking technologies aims to solve that problem. This white paper delves into the Juniper Networks data center network architecture, which flattens network topologies and simplifies, automates, and orchestrates operations for far greater scalability and efficiency. Among the Big Data white papers listed here, this one provides a strong overview of what to look for in new data center networking solutions that can empower Big Data implementations.

3. "Mining Big Data in the Enterprise for Better Business Intelligence" – Intel

Now it's time to get down in depth to the practical level. Of the Big Data white papers in this list, this one offers the most real-world insight. Intel discusses its own internal Big Data implementation, which leveraged an SQL-based massively parallel processing (MPP) data warehousing appliance, and Hadoop, which remains the industry standard for Big Data processing across server clusters. Published in 2012, this white paper matters because it covers Intel's own experiences with Big Data in detail. The company doesn't shy away from discussing the challenges, often around knowledge, that its internal IT groups faced. It also touches on other technologies that the implementation required or affected.

4. "What's the Big Deal About Big SQL?" – IBM

Extra credit time. In this white paper, IBM introduces Big SQL, the vendor's interface for its Hadoop-based InfoSphere BigInsights Big Data platform. Big SQL uses standard SQL to create tables and query data in InfoSphere BigInsights. It matters not only because of IBM's footprint in the enterprise, but also because Big SQL provides a bridge between more traditional relational database management and the challenges of unstructured data and Big Data. IBM packs a lot of resources into 12 pages, including sample Big SQL scripts and queries.

So there you have it: four Big Data white papers to get you started on your journey. Between resources like these and the knowledge your distributor can provide, you'll soon be well on your way to maximizing your Big Data sales.

What other Big Data white papers and resources do you recommend? Let us know in the comments.