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Five Facts About the Big Data Market You Must Take Seriously

January 28, 2017

Five Facts About the Big Data Market You Must Take Seriously

If you're undecided about whether you should jump into the Big Data market, it's time to make your decision. The results are in, and what they show is that Big Data isn't just a passing fad. It's here to stay. Here are five facts about the Big Data market that you need to know.

1. The Big Data market is growing.

Forecasts vary, as they tend to do, but what the analysts agree on is that Big Data is poised to grow substantially in the next three years. IDC predicts that Big Data revenues will hit $32.4 billion by 2017, a conservative estimate compared to the over $47 billion that Wikibon sees Big Data generating in the same timeframe. That's a lot of opportunity.

2. Adoption is gaining momentum.

Big Data has advanced past the uncertainty of the initial stages of a technology's hype cycle. Major retailers and other large organizations have proven its value, and at this point, according to Wikibon analysts, other early adopters are "graduating from small, proof-of-concept projects to large-scale, production-level deployments." Big Data has already gained traction. Now it's gaining momentum.

3. Automation is the next big thing.

The massive influx of data and the demand for real-time analysis mean that in the Big Data market, as in the rest of the IT ecosystem, automation is now a must. Why hire teams of data scientists when you can automate many analytics tasks instead? According to IDC, "Decision automation solutions based on Big Data technology will increasingly begin to replace or significantly impact knowledge worker roles," creating additional Big Data market openings for savvy resellers.

4. Having your head in the clouds is now a good thing.

Where do your biggest opportunities reside? In the eyes of the analysts at IDC, the answer is in the cloud. When it comes to Big Data, cloud infrastructure will have the highest compound annual growth rate (CAGR), a whopping 49 percent, through 2017. The reason for that is simple. For maximum ROI, the fluctuating traffic flows and sometimes massive storage and processing requirements of Big Data deployments will demand elasticity that traditional data centers may struggle to provide.

5. The Big Data ecosystem is already well populated and continues to grow.

If you've read this far, you likely already see that the Big Data market is one you can't ignore. Now it's time to get to know the ecosystem—and that's no simple task. Players in the market range from cloud providers like Amazon Web Services to hardware giants like Cisco, HP, and IBM. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Of course, there's also Oracle, SAS, SAP, Microsoft, Splunk, Dell, EMC, and a host of other vendors with a host of competing or complementary solutions.

So what's next? If you're ready to take advantage of the Big Data market's growth and momentum, then it's time to take advantage of the resources your distributor has to offer. From training materials to reseller communities, your distributor can give you the foundation from which to build your Big Data success.

What else do VARs need to understand about the Big Data market? Let us know in the comments.