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Extend your existing solutions with IoT technologies

June 20, 2017

Extend your existing solutions with IoT technologies

In physical security, data capture/point of sale and pro AV/digital signage

Internet of Things (IoT) adoption is on track to meet expectations, which is expected to be over $1 trillion by 2020. Gartner predicts that by 2020, 26 billion devices will be connected to the internet. Are you exploring opportunities where you can add more value to existing solutions in physical security, data capture/point of sale and pro AV/digital signage?

Physical security

Today’s physical security infrastructure includes key passes, RFID badge scanners and IP-based cameras—all of which are designed to prevent theft. IoT can add another level of security to ensure that all touch points are networked and controlled through the web. And a more integrated physical system can lead to a smarter use of security resources, breathing new life into their roles.

For example, a unified system can help IP cameras recognize badged users to monitor where people should/shouldn't be, identify and predict traffic patterns, and increase fire or flood detection—all of which can alert security staff via smartphone for further investigation.

Data capture/point of sale

The news has been full of the challenges faced by brick-and-mortar retail establishments. Competition against e-commerce giants like Amazon has been cited as a contributor, among others. Yet, smart retailers are looking for new ways to reach and engage customers and manage inventory.

For example, retail mobile apps leverage location sensing and data analytics to personalize the customer experience, encourage engagement and enhance the in-store experience. Think about entering your favorite retail store and receiving relevant and timely notices about preference-based offers, events, product recommendations and payment capabilities—all leveraging the cloud.

Video and Wi-Fi monitoring can “watch” in-store foot traffic to see where customers spend their time, allowing retailers to make tweaks to their display and shelving layouts to ensure maximum product exposure.

On the back end of retail, intelligent RFID inventory tracking chips and height- and weight-based sensors are changing the way businesses are ordering goods. Managers can see what’s on the floor and what needs to be ordered—keeping inventory stocked at just the right levels.

Pro AV/digital signage

IoT extends the retailer’s customer reach by delivering content to customers in the store. Imagine browsing an aisle, picking up a product and then seeing related ad campaign videos running on nearby digital signage—driven by trigger and event systems.

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IoT opportunities are here and will continue to grow. And Ingram Micro’s Specialty Technologies division pairs its extensive specialty expertise with broad experience to help you own your customer’s entire environment. For more information, visit the following Ingram Micro solutions pages or contact Jan.Burgess@ingrammicro.com for more information: