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Cloud Reality Check: We are Living in a Hybrid IT World

June 16, 2017

Cloud Reality Check: We are Living in a Hybrid IT World

With all the articles we see about IT moving to the cloud, it might lead some to believe that on-premise computing will be completely phased out in the next few years. But, a closer look at the research tells a different story. An IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Cisco and titled, “Don’t Get Left Behind: The Business Benefits of Achieving Greater Cloud Adoption,” found that 64% of companies currently using a cloud solution plan to ultimately deploy a mix of public, private and traditional IT services.

The reality is that not all workloads are created equal. Some were designed to be in a public cloud, and others need to operate in a private cloud or traditional on-premise infrastructure. As organizations recognize their need for a mix of platforms and infrastructures, they have to tackle the reality of the hybrid cloud, which is an enterprise IT architecture that unifies automated, policy-based and consumption-aware public and private cloud services. Integrating all the pieces and moving apps across multiple clouds can be complicated.

Cisco has two solutions that use software-defined networking (SDN) and application-centric infrastructure (ACI) technologies to deliver on-demand consumption of IT and business services into hybrid environments: Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite and Cisco CloudCenter (formerly CliQr CloudCenter). Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite is built on a modular architecture that enables companies to start with basic infrastructure automation and expand into IT and business-based service delivery. Companies can transition from manual to automated service and give their customers the flexibility to engage and collaborate with them however they choose. This modular approach also supports self-service automation and allows organizations to experience a return on investment faster.

Cisco CloudCenter is an application-centric hybrid cloud management platform with visibility and control across more than 19 data center, private cloud and public cloud environments. Developers, dev ops engineers, infrastructure and network admins can all use one platform to model, deploy and manage applications. Cisco CloudCenter defines and configures the infrastructure as opposed to fitting the application to a preconfigured infrastructure-centric blueprint or template.

Cisco’s hybrid cloud duo provides organizations with a simple way to get started and grow as their expertise in cloud services evolves. They manage heterogeneous hardware and deliver hybrid cloud capabilities that virtually eliminate cloud lock-in while increasing organizational speed and flexibility. Additionally, both solutions contain built-in safety features that silently protect business compliance and security.

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