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Business Benefits of Hyperconvergence: Agility, Scalability & Cost

December 05, 2017

Business Benefits of Hyperconvergence: Agility, Scalability & Cost

When implemented properly, hyperconverged solutions can provide end users with benefits in three key areas:

  1. Agility. In a hyperconverged environment, data isn’t limited to the local server. It’s spread across all servers with IO Visor, a vSphere Installation Bundle (VIB), which provides a network file system (NFS) mount point so that the ESXi hypervisor can access the virtual disk drives that are attached to individual virtual machines (VMs). This feature ensures there’s never any performance lag, just consistency throughout the cluster.
  2. Scalability. Hyperconvergence works at the storage controller software layer to ensure the more appliances that are added, the greater performance and capacity that result. Unlike traditional systems that scale up as drives, memory or CPUs are added, hyperconvergence enables users to scale out simply by adding more appliance modules.
  3. Cost. Next-gen hyperconverged solutions are less expensive than traditional networking environments, too, because customers have to purchase only one box versus separate servers, storage and computing resources.

Products like Cisco’s HyperFlex offer additional benefits, too, such as low maintenance, by enabling management of all resources through a single pane of glass. This is especially ideal for companies with limited IT resources.

If your company is interested in exploring the Cisco HyperFlex offering further, consider the following resources, incentives and offerings to fast track your learning curve and sales success:

  • Competitive Pricing and Deal Protection. HyperFlex is available to Cisco channel partners worldwide and is eligible for Cisco OIP (Opportunity Incentive Program) and TIP (Teaming Incentive Program) incentives. Cisco also offers partners competitive pricing and margins via limited-time, special-priced HyperFlex offers, such as HX Config to Order (CTO) and HX SmartPlay Select bundles.
  • New Account Breakaway. Partners can earn significant discounts for finding, developing and selling into new accounts that have not previously purchased Cisco UCS, Cisco Nexus or Cisco/Meraki wireless solutions. This is a deal registration program that can be combined with Cisco OIP (mentioned above) in Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW), which is an online tool for quoting, configuring and ordering Cisco products, software and services.
  • Partner Profitability. The Cisco HX CTO and HX SmartPlay Select bundles are also eligible for a Value Incentive Program (VIP) rebate, which offers monetary rewards to partners who focus their practice on technologies that are part of Cisco’s architectures or emerging offerings. Use the Partner Program Enrollment (PPE) tool to enroll.
  • Partner Enablement. Cisco is sponsoring 50-plus instructor-led training (ILT) and virtual classes geared toward helping account managers, sales engineers, field engineers and sales managers get educated on HyperFlex. Additionally, Ingram Micro offers Cisco training through Connect and Grow, which includes live webinars, a hands-on Experience Center, and videos on demand.