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Automation: coming to a data center near you

August 04, 2021

Automation: coming to a data center near you
Like most things within the world of tech, data centers are changing quickly. Specifically, they’re turning to automation faster than ever before. Need proof? The data center automation market is projected to reach USD 16 billion by the end of 2021—up from 5.9 billion just a year prior. What’s the reason for such huge growth? COVID-19 had a lot to do with it as the world economy relied on technology more than ever in order to survive. However, there’s also a convergence of technology trends that data center automation is at the center of, including multi-cloud, public cloud, agility and hardware as a service.

The largest cloud vendors around the globe are all automating for one simple reason: ROI. Automation, by nature, means less human labor, less IT management overhead and therefore bigger profit margins. Scale those margins up to the largest cloud vendors around, and those savings add up to significant figures (to say the least). But the strategy isn’t as greedy as it might sound since most vendors pass those savings on to their customers via cheaper prices.

Meanwhile, traditional data center vendors are moving to hardware-as-a-service models (Haas), which means more automated processes since these vendors stand to save a lot in cost as well. It’s also predicted that by 2023, 15% of all new on-prem deployments will be HaaS deployments. With numbers like these, that USD 16 billion automation market prediction is starting to make a lot more sense.

Another reason for the uptick in automation is the rise of multi-cloud deployments. These deployments can’t run efficiently without automation and neither can AI or machine learning compute operations, which are also a staple of hybrid cloud. Smaller companies that rely on purchasing their own data center hardware and infrastructure will also most likely rely on automation to simplify their hyperconverged architecture’s networking, compute and storage systems.

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