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Ask an expert which prospects are the best fit for Cisco Simple IT?

November 20, 2018

Ask an expert which prospects are the best fit for Cisco Simple IT?

Which size customer is the best fit for a Cisco Simple IT solution?

“While the Cisco Simple IT products are scalable for any size business, Simple IT is designed to help partners serve the needs of small businesses with 50 or fewer employees. These companies have many of the same security, collaboration and communication needs as their larger counterparts, but they need solutions that are easy to understand, easy to implement and don’t require a lot of effort to manage.”

How much in-house expertise does a customer need to buy a Cisco Simple IT solution?

“Cisco Simple IT is ideal for companies that may not have a fulltime IT admin. For the majority of Cisco Simple IT solutions, such as Cisco Umbrella, Cisco Meraki and Webex Teams, the technology can be delivered and managed by the partner via a secure cloud portal. For the end user, that means there’s little hardware to install and all software updates happen in the cloud automatically. The end user is free to focus on using the technology and improving productivity—instead of having to worry about troubleshooting and maintaining hardware and software.”

What are the budget parameters for an ideal Cisco Simple IT prospect?

“The biggest obstacle partners run into when selling IT solutions to small businesses is that these companies don’t have enough budget to buy enterprise-grade security, collaboration and communications solutions. In the past, small businesses often would cut corners by using consumer-grade products which don’t have the features and security they need. Or they simply went without the IT tools and resources they needed. With Cisco Simple IT, small businesses don’t need to make compromises because each solution is offered as a subscription-based service, which replaces capital investments (i.e., capex) with a smaller opex investment.”

How does Ingram Micro help partners sell Cisco Simple IT solutions?

“Selling services subscriptions requires partners to be more adept at dealing with monthly price fluctuations as customers’ staffing and other business needs change. Ingram Micro’s software desk was created to help partners adjust to these challenges. Software desk is Cisco-specific and comprises a dedicated, cross-architectural team to support operational and transactional activities for new Cisco annuity and software product lines. We’re here to help our Cisco partners shorten their sales cycles, win more Cisco business and close deals faster. Ingram Micro is also investing in partners to help them achieve Cisco specializations and to provide them with the proper training needed to sell software and annuities.”

To learn more about Cisco Simple IT or to connect with Ingram Micro’s software desk team, call (800) 456-8000, ext. 76747, or send an email to ciscosoftware@ingrammicro.com.