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Artificial intelligence provider, DataSkill, had a story to tell.

May 28, 2018

Artificial intelligence provider, DataSkill, had a story to tell.

Agency Ingram Micro gave it a voice.

Whether you’re tracking 100+ sensor inputs of an offshore powerboat and using that data to break a world speed record or using data center analytics and automation to solve data center challenges, it’s important that you’re translating the right data into meaningful insights and actions. The same goes for branding your business to best communicate your value proposition and connect with the right customers.

Meet DataSkill

For the last two years, DataSkill, an artificial intelligence (AI) product and services provider in San Diego has relied on the creative services of Agency Ingram Micro to help the company reposition its brand and products. For a company that harvests data and transforms it into meaningful value, it was critical for Ed Evans, DataSkill COO, to partner with an agency that could clarify and tell his company’s story. “IBM often refers to us as ‘the Navy Seals of artificial intelligence leveraging IBM technology,’” says Evans. “Before we engaged Agency Ingram Micro, we had a lot of super-innovative AI projects completed and more in the pipeline, but we weren’t clearly communicating our value proposition to the market regarding who we were and what we did. Agency Ingram Micro clarified that for us.”

 An organic partnership

“Working with Agency Ingram Micro has been a transformational experience,” says Evans. “In my 25 years at various companies, I have worked with dozens of branding agencies, but only two that really ‘got it’ in terms of capturing the essence of a company and transforming that into a brand strategy and collateral. Agency Ingram is one of those two, which says a lot.” He describes the process as organic. “Agency Ingram Micro became a part of our team. They clicked with us. Through their brand discovery process, we built a foundation for our company, which defined our value proposition through a new logo, tagline and product names. Most impressively, at the outset, their insights preserved the culture of our 37-year-old company while capturing our innovative capabilities and determination in one short statement ‘DataSkill Is Pioneering, Fearless and Vigilant.’ They nailed it.”

Threefold impact

The effort paid off in three ways:

  • Internally, the cohesiveness of DataSkill’s brand has helped Evans articulate his company’s vision with the rest of the organization. “It helped me tell the story of who we are and where we’re going. As a result, it’s energized and unified our team,” says Evans.
  • Externally, the effort has helped DataSkill attract highly qualified talent. “Attracting the best and brightest is much easier now because we get candidates who want to work with a reputable and established artificial intelligence company.”
  • Competitively, DataSkill has taken on more opportunities. “We engaged in some unexpected projects that we could only sell and close with our new branding and marketing collateral,” says Evans. “If we can’t communicate to the world, we can’t sell.”

Your brand is your code

Evans likens the DataSkill brand to how it approaches code. “Our brand is our code for communication, which is as important as the code we write for our artificial intelligence products,” says Evans. “With Agency Ingram Micro, DataSkill has transformed into a company that communicates to the world more clearly.” And DataSkill’s work isn’t done. “We’re still working with Agency Ingram Micro to launch more product solutions, like our ACUMI product offerings, which are specialized for very specific business problems and vertical markets.”


Recently, Agency Ingram Micro won an American Advertising Awards bronze award for its work with DataSkill.

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