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A streamlined and sensible option for today’s data centers

HCI and the data center in a box

November 04, 2019

A streamlined and sensible option for today’s data centers
Let’s face it. Traditional data centers are costly and labor intensive. They require IT staff with technical expertise to keep the systems up and running at all times. When technology becomes obsolete, and new systems need to be purchased and integrated into current and legacy systems, there’s more complexity and an added burden on data center personnel.

Now there’s a simpler alternative: Data center in a box.
Also known as a containerized or modular data center, a data center in a box is a single appliance—a totally self-contained unit with hardware and software preconfigured and preinstalled. Designed for rapid deployment, seamless scaling and high performance, it integrates easily into existing data center environments, operating as a redundant and elastic “private cloud”—without the complexity and cost.

It’s made possible by hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), a trend that’s growing in popularity in data centers worldwide. More than 46% of organizations are planning to move to HCI by 2020.
The advantages of HCI for the data center
HCI brings the hardware into one rack and delivers one virtualized system. A single management interface makes it easier to troubleshoot and add capacity to existing infrastructure—with no disruption to any running workloads. Different models and capacities can be used together in many different combinations to scale out resources more efficiently. HCI is more stable, too, offering greater redundancy and higher availability.

Two “data center in a box” assembly facilities
Data center-in-a-box solutions are being created right now in Ingram Micro Integration Centers in Millington, Tenn. and Mira Loma, Calif.—in keeping with Ingram Micro’s growing emphasis on delivering advanced integration services to accelerate our channel partners’ time to market. The centers offer system design and assembly, compatibility testing, regulatory engineering integration services from proof of concept through testing, acceptance, packaging and delivery, with an option for migration, deployment and support services.

More reseller partners are finding our integration services an indispensable option for delivering advanced solutions to their customers.

To learn more about our integrated solutions, visit https://usa.ingrammicro.com/c/solutions-isg-home.aspx. And to learn more about the advantages of HCI solutions for your data center customers, contact Nick Vermiglio or Samuel Alt.