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A partner success story in progress

Winning with site integration and configuration

May 24, 2019

A partner success story in progress
We wrote about it in 2017.

The assignment was a daunting one for any solution provider: to help a global manufacturer update, standardize and refresh its infrastructure at 500 sites worldwide as well as any new acquisitions.

By leveraging Ingram Micro’s considerable resources, one of our reseller partners won the bid and sealed the deal. This began a massive multiyear data center initiative that’s still underway.

“Things are progressing nicely,” says Nicholas Vermiglio, a senior technology consultant for Ingram Micro and one of the project leads. “But there has been a significant update since the project was first bid out. Rather than using 3 site configurations, the customer decided it would be more appropriate for every site to have its own custom configuration base on its unique set of technical requirements. This added significantly to the scope of the project, not to mention the 18–24 month timeline that had originally been specified for completion.

One Ingram Micro, customizing the needs of 500 sites
To make a project of such scope and complexity a success requires the mobilization and close coordination of a range of Ingram Micro resources:
  • Ingram Micro Integration and Configuration Services in Millington, Tenn.
  • Ingram Micro IT Asset Disposition for the eventual reclamation of existing equipment
  • Ingram Micro’s international import/export team to manage the complexities of taxes, tariffs and more
  • Collaboration with participating vendors to create integrated solutions that meet local licensing, warranty and safety requirements
The other Ingram Micro project leads include Joseph Palmer, senior sales executive, who serves as the customer interface with the solution provider’s C-level executives; David Nemerovski, manager, Project Management Office (PMO) for Technical IT Services; and Steve Pearson, director of global business development, who’s responsible for addressing international shipping requirements.
“This project is a perfect example of what can be achieved through teamwork, careful planning and attention to detail,” explains Vermiglio. “We hold three weekly team meetings to ensure everything remains on track, including sales, configuration and part tracking. Working together like this, the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts.”
If you have an upcoming data center project you need to tackle and would like to learn more about how Ingram Micro can help, contact Nick Vermiglio. We’re anxious to make your project another success story.