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A data center expert talks successful cloud migration

September 04, 2019

A data center expert talks successful cloud migration
Whether you have a customer who’s preparing to migrate some or all of their data center infrastructure to the cloud—or still thinking about it—you’ll want to hear what one of our data center experts has to say on the subject. Samuel Alt is the supervisor of Solution Design & Services at Ingram Micro.

What are the advantages of migrating a data center infrastructure to the cloud?
There are several. The TCO is low since there are no upfront costs for purchasing new hardware, and uptime isn’t compromised due to hardware failure, like it might be with an onsite data center. With their infrastructure in the cloud, companies can get resources on demand without having to worry about equipment upgrades or a lot of software troubleshooting. And they have the ability to do things they couldn’t do before (DevOps, big data and testing, for example) without the steep hardware costs. The physical costs of maintaining a physical data center (for electricity, cooling and space) are eliminated as well.
What are the key challenges involved in cloud migration?
In my opinion, the biggest challenge is strategic—deciding whether to go the public, private or hybrid option. Data center managers and CIOs have to decide what they want in the cloud and what they want to be able to control onsite. Do they want to upgrade some of their existing infrastructure or rely solely on the cloud?

What are some tips on how to best manage the process?
It’s important to establish performance baselines—measuring the current (pre-migration) performance of apps to determine if the post-migration performance will be acceptable. It’s also a good idea to do any necessary refactoring of apps and services before the migration to make sure they’ll work as effectively and efficiently as possible in the cloud.

How can Ingram Micro assist reseller partners and their customers in the process?
Ingram Micro offers a wealth of resources that can prove very helpful in planning and executing a cloud migration: Our Solution Design & Services team and cloud technical account managers (TAM) can offer advice and recommendations. The Business Transformation Center in Buffalo is also an excellent source of information and guidance. And of course, if you have any specific questions, feel free to reach out to someone on the Solution Design & Services team.