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9 takeaways from the 2018 Cisco Global Sales Experience (GSX) conference

September 11, 2018

9 takeaways from the 2018 Cisco Global Sales Experience (GSX) conference
  1. Enterprise networking: There’s a significant sales opportunity in routing software, and the network is open for business with DNA Center open platform APIs (application program interfaces). To help partners drive modernization of their customers’ installed base, Cisco doubled the DNA Center rebate from 2% to 4% and increased the activation bonus from 3% to 7% in VIP 32, which runs from July 29, 2018, to January 26, 2019.
  2. Security: The security architecture continues to grow and is the most profitable for partners, both in margin and services. Cloud security is particularly hot, and it’s a great door opener for partners and can be easily attached to most deals. Visit Cisco’s Selling Security page to find the latest on-demand trainings and learn how to build a profitable and differentiated security services business.
  3. Data center and cloud: Cisco will be announcing a series of Activate Roadshows (formerly Openhouse) where partners can participate and grow their multicloud data center strategy.
  4. Multicloud: With the Cisco multicloud portfolio, you can establish multicloud relevance with existing and prospective cloud providers and create 5–11x incremental growth in software and cloud hardware. Sales presentations, FAQ (frequently asked questions) and other materials are available on Cisco SalesConnect.
  5. Partner engineering and programmability: The time for Cisco partners to develop programming capabilities that can unlock the next wave of services opportunity is now, and Cisco is ready to help. Cisco’s sales engineer (SE) reward program, Shogun, incents and rewards partner SEs while driving engineering go-to-market alignment between Cisco and the partner community.
  6. Collaboration: Meet your partners where they are today with the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan, one subscription plan for all their cloud, on-premises and hosted collaboration needs.
  7. Annuity software/enterprise agreement (EA): Cisco continues to evolve software buying models to be more partner friendly through initiatives such as partner-led pilots, increased enablement offerings, Cisco EA deal protection and incentive alignment. Check out this resource to see which architectures are available for EAs through Ingram Micro.
  8. Industry solutions: Cisco has a ready-to-go ecosystem in place for partners for several core industries, including sports, retail and media; healthcare; smart cities; energy and transportation; manufacturing; and the financial sector.
  9. Global competitive center of excellence: The Cisco War Room Advisory (CWA) consolidates competitive intelligence and customizes it for use by sales teams in competitive sales opportunities, enhancing productivity and reducing time to create net-new sales collateral.

For more information about the GSX takeaways along with additional value-adds and incentives, click here.