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5 benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure

May 04, 2021

5 benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure
No matter the industry, people want the services they pay for delivered faster and faster. And since nearly every industry relies on data center technology to do business, that means for businesses to decrease service wait times, they’ll need a superior data center technology solution. One technology businesses are adopting to address this issue is hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). Let’s look at 5 ways HCI can benefit data centers:
#1 Better redundancy 
In a hyperconverged infrastructure, all storage is software defined. This means each node within the storage network behaves as one single storage drive, which allows applications to survive serious events like drive failures and complete node failures.
#2 Increased agility 
Any and all workloads within HCI operate underneath singular administrative control. This architecture simplifies administrative tasks, including previously tedious jobs, like migrating workloads from one location to the next.
#3 Next-level scalability
Another benefit of HCI’s node architecture is increased scalability for the entire data center. Nodes can be added or removed at any time based on current workload.
#4 Data assurance
Data is increasingly becoming every business’s most valuable asset, which makes protecting that data a most important responsibility. In the case of lost or damaged data, HCI allows you to easily restore what was lost, by embedding backups and disaster recovery elements within data center infrastructure.
#5 Streamline cost
Perhaps the best news about HCI is that it can make advanced data center solutions available to even smaller businesses on a budget. There isn’t the same reliance on hardware with HCI, so there’s less hardware that needs to be bought and maintained. This also means support and other recurring expenses are less than with traditional data center models.
Hyperconverged infrastructure’s ability to remove silos and make operations easier, can position any business’s IT infrastructure to better support outcomes despite the accelerating pace of innovation and change. For more information on how hyperconverged infrastructure or hyperconvergence infrastructure can help your customers, contact the experts at Ingram Micro.


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