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3 ways to a greener data center

December 19, 2018

3 ways to a greener data center

You know that data centers are power hungry, but did you know how much? Recent statistics estimate that data centers consume 2% of the world’s energy annually—in excess of 416 terawatt hours per year, or “tens of billions of dollars’ worth of energy,” according to TechSpot. And demand is growing—some predicting energy consumption to triple in the next five years.

To address this growing consumption and focus on energy savings, organizations like the Storage Networking Industry Associate (SNIA), are calling for global efficiency standards. They propose focusing on globally accepted energy conservation specifications, testing methodologies and tools, as well as storage efficiencies.

However, you can start now by applying green data center practices to recognize energy savings. And they can be applied to other areas of your business to accelerate your savings.  

Learn more about the 3 ways you can apply green practices to your data center business to save money, increase efficiency and reduce the growing demand for energy.

3 ways to apply green practices to your data center

1. Conduct energy audits: Begin by auditing your facilities’ current energy consumption to create a baseline. As you implement green data center practices, conduct regular energy audits on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. Check with your local utilities to learn more about their energy-auditing programs. Many offer audits for free.

2. Use smart energy management tools: According to TechRepublic, “Data center managers use software to model the data center and redesign it for energy efficiency. The software also enables managers to establish a return on investment (ROI) and to measure how long it will take to recoup the investment.” You can also apply the tools to the rest of your business. And according to DataCenter Knowledge, “While cooling is where much of the energy is wasted in inefficiently run facilities today, there’s a lot to be gained from applying smart software tools to management of electrical data center infrastructure.” Learn more about how data center design impacts efficiency and profitability.

3. Redesign for energy efficiency: Check with your HVAC providers and energy-efficiency experts to redesign your data centers for more efficiency and savings. For example, you can eliminate wasted space by consolidating office space, reducing your data center’s overall square footage, or designing a modular data center to recognize savings. One way to consolidate office space is to encourage employees to work remotely.

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