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3 of the top next-gen storage verticals are...

August 26, 2022

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I know what you’re thinking: another boring data center blog. But this one might be the most relevant one yet! After all, whose life isn’t touched in some way by the healthcare, retail or manufacturing industries? Pretty much everyone’s, right? And the thing that ties those industries all together? Data storage. Bear with me.
In 2021, the next-gen data storage market was valued at $58.4 billion. By 2030, it’s projected to reach $128.94 billion. As the next-gen market continues to grow, storage solutions are becoming commoditized and storage vendors are creating new products to target specific customers—customers in the healthcare, retail and manufacturing markets, to name a few.
Next-gen storage solutions are taking the pressure off hardware and placing it on the storage software itself. This, in turn, benefits customers as it allows them to exploit the full potential of storage hardware. While the sales potential for next-gen data storage solutions is off the charts, certain verticals have greater sales potential because of how much data they produce, which means they can benefit the most from next-gen storage. Three of these top verticals include (you guessed it) healthcare, retail and manufacturing.
Vertical #1: Healthcare

Everyone appreciates privacy because there are some things that other people just don’t need to know about—such as medical records. The healthcare industry requires privacy and confidentiality, which next-generation storage solutions provide. These solutions allow for encryption without a loss in terms of performance. With next-gen storage solutions, encrypting data and accessing encrypted data is instantaneous and doesn’t sacrifice performance or time. Regulatory compliance also becomes easier as patient records can be placed in a cyber vault and preserved for the necessary amount of time.
Vertical #2: Retail

Did you know the retail vertical is a top industry for ... ransomware? This not-so-coveted spot means retailers need ultra-secure, scalable solutions. Surprise, surprise—next-gen data storage solutions can provide this security and scalability. The retail industry also has seasonal business fluctuations, which makes a pay-per-use consumption model an ideal solution. As needs grow, more storage can be purchased, therefore eliminating overbuying. Next-gen storage solutions also allow for leaner IT departments, as management can be less hands-on and precious IT resources are freed up to focus on other tasks.
Vertical #3: Manufacturing

Ready for a revolution … in manufacturing? Next-gen storage solutions have the potential to transform manufacturing in numerous ways, including through the integration of IoT applications. These generally are embedded systems that are designed for specific tasks instead of a server or a PC. These IoT applications are designed for scalability and are easy to upgrade. An example of this technology at work is a manufacturer who purchases iPad minis rather than security cameras, and installs them throughout the facility to take pictures of the assembly line and analyze flaws within the manufacturing process. This leverages the features of the iPad, such as the camera and computing power, to perform real-time analytics on site.
Where do next-generation storage solutions come in? Well, data integrity is very important in the use of IoT. Data that needs to be analyzed in a particular sequence needs to remain in that sequence, which storage software ensures. The pay-per-use consumption also comes in handy for manufacturers, as they are able to buy more server storage when needed—allowing for increased flexibility.
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